Hello - it’s been a while since I’ve been on. My name is Lauren (she/her), I’m 20, I’m from Minneapolis, MN. I was diagnosed with #AutonomicDysfunction (#POTS ), EDS, Hashimoto Thyroidits, and CFS in Jan 2019 and have been on treatment with medications and lifestyle changes. Things have been working well but because of a mix of genetics, thyroid disease, inability to exercise regularly, and a busy college schedule, weight gain has been inevitable over the past 4 years. My PCP brought up the idea of #Wegovy (aka #Ozempic ) for weight loss. My mother has had success with it but I wonder if it is safe for use with POTS. I already get lightheaded if I don’t eat enough and I know it causes you to eat less and feel full sooner and longer. In addition, I have #Gastroparesis so I wonder if it’s a good idea.

Wondering if anyone has experience with POTS (or similar chronic illnesses) and being on Wegovy? If so, willing to share some thoughts? I’ve done some preliminary research and have seen it can be helpful and may become more mainstream for POTS treatment, but also have seen patients report it causes flares and they had to stop. Need advice. Happy Holidays!