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    Physical health check in

    How are you feeling today physically?
    😊Pain isn't too bad today
    😁It's a pain free day for me today
    🙄It's neither bad or good
    😢Today is a very bad day
    😴Sleep may help #InvisibleIllness #painday #checkin #physicalhealth


    I had to rest today

    I wish I didn't have to. My mind has been running wild with all my sewing and art ideas. I want to go work on the dress I'm making, or the apron for my partner.

    But no. Today is a rest day. Yesterday, I did at least 4 times as much as I usuausually do in a day. I was sore but bursting with energy and was just pushing through because the last thing I wanted to do was sit and stare at a wall or even a screen. Ultimately I did sit but I still had my crochet project on the go.

    My body did not like that at all. By the time I went to bed last night, my hips were sore and unsteady, my neck felt pinched, and my digestive issues were causing so much bloating I probably could have gotten someone to give me their seat on a bus. This morning the bloating was better but the pain was worse.

    At least I had planned on taking a rest day. In one way that made it easier. I wasn't pressuring myself to "keep my promises to myself" or to "value my projects more". It didn't help the boredom, though. And I think today is the first time I've really felt that so clearly. I felt wide awake and had so much drive and motivation to do things, but my body just wouldn't let me. And the boredom and frustration has been maddening!

    I'm grateful for podcasts and snapchat, as well as my puppy and for naps. They have all helped the time pass. And I did get a little bit of work done on my crochet project.
    #Journaling #painday #Restday #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain


    Pain day #ChronicPain #CPTSD

    Started yesterday the off feeling. It was coming. I was lethargic and my hands were swollen, stiff and in pain. I call it nerve attacks but have not been diagnosed with anything explaining these flare ups that I get. The other pain spots are my neck, joints and the most intense the back of my arms. It makes everything harder. I don't want to move, talk or breath. Everything hurts. Last night iI hadn't effected my arm yet. When I woke up the pain and stiffness was so bad I struggled walking. So these flare ups when bad usually cause a seizure reaction. I am out of it for a few day. And a slow recovery. Just took an indica gummy. So hopefully that can take edge off. I just can't be me in all this pain. I lose days because of this. How can this be in my head? #painday #frustrated


    Messy House #painday #doghelp

    Sitting on my sofa looking at my house my dog brings me yet another peanut butter jar my kids left out with no lid. "Lightbulb Moment" maybe I can teach him to throw trash away!!!