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    #MentalHealth #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder
    It's been a very rough month and the last few days have been horrible.
    I am tired of being on the roller coaster

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    For anyone who has messaged me on this account I have a new one :)

    Hi everyone for anyone who has liked/ commented or messaged me on this account so sorry for any late replies don’t mean to ignore, thank you so so much for all your kindness, I may be using this new account instead, anxiouslilypadlaura

    Feel free to add me there instead :) if I’ve missed a private message or anything. Thank you!

    Have a great day or night everyone, so thankful for this app and all the lovely people on it. #New #MightyTogether #account #switch #message #Comment #like #info #Sorry #thankd #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #help #MentalHealth #physicalhealth #peace #wellness #Mindfulness

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    I started an Anxiety Journey YouTube Channel. Would mean a lot to get a little support! I’m so nervous !

    Hi there I usually post quotes on a mental health friendly supportive Instagram account, occasionally I journal or blog very rarely on blogs I’ve tried before, but I’ve never ever been brave enough to show my face and actually try a YouTube account D: and not be more anonymous behind the screen supporting. I would really appreciate any love or opinions before I risk getting hate comments or trolls with mental health stigma haha > mental health advocate than 😅😂🤣 people actually see it. But I would love to be able to help someone out there not feel so alone in their struggles or offer hope if they are just beginning their journey or could use some kind words/ experiences

    If anyone could give me a bit of a boost 😂 so I don’t freak out or overthink the fact I actually did this and made it public and it could actually become something meaningful, I appreciate it! But if not :) I’ll do my best to do it myself, thanks! I tried to be brave and just do it instead of only think about it as a new hobby/ outlet.

    My YouTube channel is:

    My Anxiety Journey

    Or was thinking

    Inside My Anxiety Journey, since it’ll be pretty personal ^^ and genuine/ raw :p at times telling my experiences or what it’s like struggling with an invisible illness, physical/ mental.


    Appreciate any love
    I feel so nervous and embarassed. But actually proud I had the guts to do it D: though I was so back and forth about it.

    Hope I’ll stick to it whether I receive good feedback or not, to actually make a meaningful difference and get more courage to do other things like this with advocacy groups or opportunities.

    PS the 3 views are probably me 😅😂 overthinking and analyzing it too much but trying not too haha 😛 😆. I’m a work in progress lmfao 🤣 lol.

    A really big deal to me, because I’m perfectly fine being open about my experiences and trying to help or relate to others and support them too, but not used to putting it on the internet like that with my face D: and fear the stigma or openness about it it’s so risky hehe but worth it :) in a way. So I hope it’ll be the start of something new and good. Feel free to share if you have any blogs, YouTube accounts or any fun hobbies/ outlets too ! :)

    Also** I’m not posting to promote it, hope it’s allowed here, just needed a little love or support so I don’t back out on my idea 😅😅🥺😭😿💡💖😊😛😆😆😆 because I feel so alone in my experiences sometimes, and don’t want others to feel like that too.

    And be alone struggling.

    #Anxiety #Support #help #nervous # anxiousbuthappy #anyfeedback #Youtube #New #youtubeaccount #Vlog #Blog #Trying #MentalHealth #Love #Support #supportneeded #ThankYou ! #tryingtobebrave #TheMighty #Community #thanks #appreciateit #Depression #OCD #physicalhealth #MentalHealth #Hobby #Outlet #tryingtofacefears #Phobia #PublicSpeaking #post #Posting #courage #shy #tryingtobebrave #somethingnew #newaccount #youtubeaccount #youtubechannel

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    Do you skip baths/showers because you feel you're not worth it?

    Remember, good hygiene is essential to good health remember when you poop you need to take a wash up if you at home. If you are in a public setting, then put take shower on your to do list with high priority. You should matter to you first and then others will want to hang around you. No one wants to be around a person that smells reeks and has a stench 85% of the time not cool. So do us all a favor and take daily showers. #BPD #ubpd #MentalHealth #hygiene #physicalhealth

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    It's been a roller coaster this week
    Between the Joy of the birth of my first grandbaby and Christmas and dealing with mental and physical health issues.
    Then my daughter experienced some after baby complications.
    I'm ready for Some Joy, Love, Peace and Healing and Quiet.
    Have a Beautiful Christmas Holiday weekend
    #MentalHealth #physicalhealth #Depression #Healing #Holidays

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    Sometimes I’m done…Sometimes I keep going #MentalHealthAwareness

    Sometimes I think I’m so done with everything. My anxiety gets in the way of what I want and need to do. It’s begun to take a toll on my physical health. Sometimes I think I’m so done with healing from years of trauma and abuse. I’ve been in therapy for years and while I’ve done well, I sometimes feel like I’m stalling. Sometimes the Bipolar Disorder gets in the way too and having Borderline Personality doesn’t help either. People think I have multiple personalities and I’m tired of explaining that I don’t. Sometimes I’m so done with the mania and depression that I curse myself for having Bipolar. Sometimes I’m so done with the little things, like how mania makes me anxious and how depression makes me borderline suicidal. Sometimes I’m so done with people not listening and not caring (not including my fiancé and his family) just more in general. And sometimes I keep going. I don’t know how or why but I do. I keep getting up and trying to stay active. I try to appear normal. Whatever that means. I try to heal so I don’t mistreat someone else. I try to stay emotionally stable so I don’t appear unbridled. I try to attend therapy so that I can learn skills that will help me. I try to keep up with my meds because apparently if someone with mental illness isn’t medicated, they’re crazy or dangerous. (I personally don’t believe this). So I keep going. And so should you.

    #BipolarDisorder #PTSD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #SexualTrauma #EmotionalAbuse #GettingHelp #CheckInWithMe #Asthma #physicalhealth #Motivation

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    Big Breakfast - eggs, biscuit, sausage, hashbrown
    Big Breakfast with hotcakes
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    Sausage Burrito
    Fruit and maple oatmeal
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    Sausage McMuffin Meal
    My Favorite - Big Breakfast w/hotcakes, sub sausage to bacon
    Bacon or Sausage Egg & Cheese McGriddles

    Something I have to think/feel/say too often in my nursing life: “I cannot be working harder for your health than you are.” 🤨
    My nurse friend said this
    It makes me stop and think
    What am I doing to better myself ?
    #MentalHealth #physicalhealth

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