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Hey y'all! I'm in the process of switching my general physical therapy to #PelvicFloorPhysicalTherapy for my lower back weakness due to #HypermobileTypeEDS . Has anyone else done this? Any tips? What's your experience been like?
#ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #CheckInWithMe #Subluxations

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Happy Tears

Trigger Warning. Discussion of pelvic/medical trauma.

After PT today I went and bought 2 new nail polish colors and a pink of my favorite ice cream to celebrate. I cried in my car. Happy tears. I did it! I was able to let my physical therapist do an internal pelvic floor exam today. I have needed this since 2017, but in 2017 I was assaulted during a pelvic procedure by a doctor. I didn't know if I would ever be ready. I have been in EMDR therapy since February. I have been really struggling with pain levels and mental health these past few weeks. But today I walked in and said this is what I have decided we are doing. I have known my physical therapist since 2017 and she has always validated me, been my biggest cheerleader and made me feel safe. She had never rushed me to be ready for anything internal. She has always put me in charge of my care. And today we accomplished something, so huge. For once my tears are happy. The path to healing even PTSD, can have happy tears. 🤗 Photo credit goes to Michelle @the.happy.pelvis on IG! #Chronicpelvicpain #Endometriosis #PudendalNeuralgia #PelvicFloorPhysicalTherapy #PelvicFloorDysfunction #MedicalTrauma #Trauma #PTSD #PhysicalTherapy #emdr #Healing