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Looking for a group with shared stories #Coach #personaltrainer #entreprenuer

Are there any groups for Coaches/Trainers/business owners that are struggling with the emotional load of always giving to clients and/or recent business closure?

I am not sure what I am struggling with directly but I do know that I am not happy, feel totally lost and definitely have some compassion fatigue going on. This is my grief, or at least I question if it is.

I had a small business as a personal trainer and coach, we chose to close our brick and mortar space once COVID hit as the repercussions were feeling too great. So far, still unemployed. It's been really hard going from highly functioning to nothing.

In the past 3 years I have dealt with many clients with mental health issues. 2 of which I had emergency contact information in case they went through with their plans and I was prepared to call the police as well (as directed by child protective services). Many times I was the one that would talk them off the edge and bring them back. I have dealt with others that became too needy and demanding that it drained me. Many things because I am an empath and care deeply.
I am pretty sure that's where compassion fatigue comes in.

Anyways, I am just wondering if there are other people in similar roles struggling as well. There's truly nothing, that I can find, directed to help the coaches that are struggling, just education around how coaches can help their people.


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New member

So I just joined this community and wanted to introduce myself.

I'm from Norway with heritage from Gambia, but currently living in Spain to take an education as a personal trainer.

This year I'd like to be more open about living with ptsd, ocd and depression. I want to help others, especially kids, teens and young adults, to find their passion(s) in life.

I work in the music industry and my plan is create a safe space for kids, teens and young adults to explore the world of activity and creativity to find something they love.

If you'd like to follow my journey my IG is: @lifeofidamari

Lot of love ❤️
#personaltrainer #Music #passion #SafeSpace #activity #creativity #Love #compassion