like most fibro and cfid folks I always have a myriad of symptoms. I’d been fighting some kind of cold flu thing for weeks but I’m also in a relapse - 11months. I’ve had a sore throat a while. Breathing issues due to drug combos. and lack of sleep due to horrible people who live above me. usually run low temp- dropped a bit yesterday. given that I am suffering so much I try to take most of it in stride and keep believing God will make a way for me to have peace. now I’ve gotten much worse since a run to get groceries yesterday. I worse mask and gloves - and took the stare downs but I was trying to be responsible. today is no joke the pain and smattering of all the symptoms with a lot of ache pain flu-like. how do I know what’s my normal in this. my inner ear hurts- but I tried to use earplugs so I could have some sleep from the crazies above me. but the ache goes deep. I have a headache for days but I’ve been really stressed. my cat showing strange extra lethargic attached to me at the hip more than usual has me concerned. all this and I still need to get gallons water somehow. our tap not very healthy. anyone advice. I’m usually the best in these situations bc of all I’ve been thru but rn I am feeling over my head. guidance? personal experience? folks in relapses or with these conditions that have the virus or thought they did but just more run down??? thank you. stay mighty 💪🌈💜 #Confusion #Fibromyalgia #Relapse #CFIDS/Cfs/me #corvid -19 #pethealth #knowledge #Hope