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Drug Laws, Pharmacists

My state has many laws in place to prevent ODs from opiates.

You have to present an ID to get your prescription, which means you can't have it delivered. (Unless a friend or loved one picks it up).

All your meds that are controlled are visible to all doctors through a special database. It's annoying for them, but I do think it's important.

To protect themselves my PCP has me on a pain medication contract. They can request drug testing at any time (which they do apologetically because they trust me).

I can only get the prescription exactly on the date that is 28 days after I got the last one. Because you know, we are all able to go to pharmacies easily. (Thankfully I finally got on the 28 day cycle. I used to be in the pharmacy all the time).

I can't get my meds synced because too many are controlled, so they can't adjust the prescriptions so I get them all at once.

I'm seeing a pain specialist, and a pharmacologist who keep track of everything.

Today is the latest in the whole drug saga. Because I have more than one prescribing doc, for other medications, none of which are controlled, my doctor's office has to call the pharmacy to verify they know I'm on all the things I'm on. Thankfully I caught the fact that they were delaying filling my medications before I needed them.

This is the drug that lets me do anything other than weep in pain.

I get it. I get that doctors were stupid about prescribing synthetic opiates. I get that there are addicts. And I get that the government is trying to do what they can to save people.

I just question if this is saving anyone.

I understand fully the need for comprehensive care, the need for pharmacies to be involved. But I'm so tired of how hard it is just to get what I need to get to the pharmacy. Especially with my Lyft deal no longer being valid.

People with chronic pain need consistent dosing. We need to be protected just as much as the potential addicts out there. And it's not happening.

(It turned out to be a pharmacist that wanted to make sure my doctor knew the risks of the medication. I've been on it for a year. I'm glad this pharmacist is looking out for me, and many doctors don't check on all the consequences - but it's still very frustrating.) #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Opiates #DrugLaws #pharmacist #Fibromyalgia


You might want to see a Pharmacist for help with your care

I saw a pain specialist PharmD today and I'm really glad I did. This was a suggestion by my PCP and I'd never even heard of this option, the role is a new one in many regions.

I saw my MD pain specialist the day before. She'd never heard of pharmacists working with patients clinically but was ok with it. I take meds for a lot of non-pain related issues, and despite the fact that my PCP is really good at looking at the big picture, it was nice to meet with someone looking at it from a different perspective.

Apparently this speciality is much more common in other areas. Her background is working in VA hospitals helping Veterans get pain management.

She agreed with the pain specialists suggested next step, but she gave me some good insight as to why my dose is so high and how the medication works compared to similar medications.

We talked about Celebrex being an option someday because it is less likely to upset the stomach than other NSAIDs. I didn't even know it was an NSAID.

I don't feel any better about the predictability of my pain, but I do feel like I'm in good hands for pain management between her and my specialist. And I think when I'm ready to titrate off of medications she'll be really helpful.

In addition, she and a hospitalist I know have both said they'll help me write an article for The Mighty. Both jobs are important for comprehensive care and not well known.

All in all, it was an hour well spent.
#painmangement #PainMedication #pharmacist #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #chroniclife #Hospitalist


Today my pharmacist withheld my medications from me today

She doesn’t agree with my dr’s treatment but my dr has saved my life. Big fight - my doctors went to bat do me. I even had a hysterectomy, which changed my life (I have BPD and PMDD). So she took all of my meds and sent them to the same group network but 10 miles from my house. On purpose. I am on the affordable health care act. This is illegal. The federal govt subsidizes the rest of my shitty HMO insurance so she cannot he withholding. And now she withheld my daughters amoxicillin for strep. My doctors all over her but she won’t budge. I even video taped her today and she demanded to shut it off, I said no. She then refused to give me list of meds and where she sent them. So, clearly this caused chaos. I don’t think I’m the only one she did this too. Is there a way to get a grassroots movement going? Like a massive call in? Bc I need help. I’m a mental health advocate and I need someone to advocate for me and not just my doctors. She’s bullying me - and now my kid.

It’s CIGNA pharmacy at 3rd street and Earl. 602.282.9800 - option two. Her name is Shahna (pronounced SHAY- Nah) and her boss is Lindsey.

I need help. Wherever you’re from. This is wrong. I am getting better and my dr has saved my life. We have to stick together. If we don’t, our voices become intentionally smothered because no one wants to deal with his. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #pharmacist #PMDD #Bullying