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Walking Crisis

That is how I feel. My physical pain is unmanaged. And then I left emdr due to a therapist outright accusing me of being narcotic seeking. And my mental health has slid downhill FAST. I finally decided to call and have a mobile mental health crisis team come assess me last night. I don't remember the last time my mind felt this hopeless dark and distressed. I know the tools to manage but I feel like i am drowning it is all too much. Treading water with just my nostrils above water. That is what it is like and my legs are fucking tired.
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What do you do to manage the pain?

I had to get off of my Fibro meds due to pregnancy, I'd like to stay off of them but the pain is extreme. What are some ways you manage the pain that work despite or as well as the meds?
I'm always hurting weather I'm on them or not but maybe you have some ideas?

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You might want to see a Pharmacist for help with your care

I saw a pain specialist PharmD today and I'm really glad I did. This was a suggestion by my PCP and I'd never even heard of this option, the role is a new one in many regions.

I saw my MD pain specialist the day before. She'd never heard of pharmacists working with patients clinically but was ok with it. I take meds for a lot of non-pain related issues, and despite the fact that my PCP is really good at looking at the big picture, it was nice to meet with someone looking at it from a different perspective.

Apparently this speciality is much more common in other areas. Her background is working in VA hospitals helping Veterans get pain management.

She agreed with the pain specialists suggested next step, but she gave me some good insight as to why my dose is so high and how the medication works compared to similar medications.

We talked about Celebrex being an option someday because it is less likely to upset the stomach than other NSAIDs. I didn't even know it was an NSAID.

I don't feel any better about the predictability of my pain, but I do feel like I'm in good hands for pain management between her and my specialist. And I think when I'm ready to titrate off of medications she'll be really helpful.

In addition, she and a hospitalist I know have both said they'll help me write an article for The Mighty. Both jobs are important for comprehensive care and not well known.

All in all, it was an hour well spent.
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