Am I really depressed?

Even tho I have been depressed since my preteens.

No, am I REALLY depressed?

Even tho I've been thru 3 huge traumas in the early stages in my life - including losing my father at a very young age.

Serious, is this really depression?

Even tho I have to refill my medication script every month while listening to the critics that claim that other people have gone thru worse and they are not depressed. Why am I?

Maybe this isn't depression?

Even when I can't get up in the morning and I lie in bed uncontrollable and crying.

Even when I want to swerve my car into oncoming traffic.

Even when I used to be a 10 year old child and I wud cut my wrists because I was a burden to everyone around me.

Even when I can barely move and get hit by a headache inducing panic attack.

But still, even now, even in those dark moments I still ask myself........

Am I depressed?

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