My doctor has finally has enough of me falling and demanded I get and use a cane. So, I’m looking for one. My problem here is that I have arthritis that affects my hands more than anything else and severe psoriasis on my palms and fingers that cracks and bleeds when I put pressure on those areas during a flare up. See the photo. This is a level 3 day for my flare ups. On a 1-5 scale. It was a 6 this past Thursday. I consider it a 6 when something gets infected. It’s a 5, when typing on my phone or something equally minimally strenuous makes it bleed repeatedly. I’ve been at a level 5 for about three weeks now.
How can I find a cane with a handle that my hands can handle? #Arthritis #Cane #Psoriasis #PsoriaticArthritis #walkingaid #Disability #Falling #PlantarsFasciitis #HeelSpurs #MobilityAids #handpain