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hello and thanks for accepting me to join this group. I recently found out that I have psoriasis on my scalp and it gives answers as to why I've had a itchy head all my life. my parents always yelled at me as a child every time I scratched my head, instead of talking me to a doctor. Last week I was shaving off my hair as I normally do every summer, I leave it 6 mm short but this time I had my roommate help me and the first thing she said when she got started was "not surprised you're itching bcs you've got psoriasis all over your head. the reason she recognized it is bcs her ex boyfriend has it. so it's not a surprise that I have millions of questions about it. how do you manage it and keep it from flaring up? I have bought special shampoo for dry scalp at the pharmacy but haven't seen any results yet, my head is bright red with spots that looks like acne and it itches all the time. my natural hair color is black so it's very visible now when I have taken off the hair. would be very grateful for any advice you have to share

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My face is so itchy

The psoriasis is bad again. My scalp has scabs from the scratching. My ears are full of scaly patches. My face is itchy and flaky. I use medicated shampoo but it doesn't really work. I got an extra strength head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner. It helps cut down on how itchy it gets but it doesn't decrease how peely it is. I need to find a gentle face cream. I also need a gentle face cleanser for pore reduction. My face is in such bad shape.


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