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Breast Cancer Reconstruction Complications #postmastectomypainsyndrome #BreastCancer #Breastcancersurgery #Postmastectomypain

The other night I went to a get together with some ladies. It was an invite from my mother in law. I was informed by her that there was a women recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I met many new friends who all knew that I am a breast cancer survivor (mother in law) and everyone was extremely nice. It didn’t bother me that these ladies knew . No one knew the struggles I have with my severe pain and I didn’t go into it. My mother in law did introduce me to the women recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I only offered her a hug and offered support in the event she needed it. She was surrounded by her friends and all of them including her were dancing and cracking jokes that she will soon have the best boobs in town. I wanted to scream ; yet kept my composure. How many women celebrate mastectomies and happy about getting new boobs? There was No mention of her breast cancer diagnosis ; only women dancing and giggling including the woman who will have surgery first part of October! All of them celebrating and even her saying I’m going to have the best perky boobs in town. I was sickened by it and wanted so badly to pull her aside and let her know what she was up against. I didn’t as she celebrated with the ladies. I did ask her if she will have support when she comes home from the hospital. She told me she didn’t need it and if so, that she will ask her husband for assistance. I gave her a hug and wished her the best and offered my phone number in the event she needed help. That’s all I could offer. It was sad for me and I couldn’t warn her. I certainly didn’t want to interject and ruin the celebrated new boobs. How many women who go into this obstacle when diagnosed with breast cancer; and plastic surgeons supporting reconstruction; claiming to make women whole again. The barbaric methods used and assembly line on that given day of so many women who choose to reconstruct and don’t know the risks because the plastic surgeons assures everyone that they will look great! And get back what cancer has taken away. Plastic surgeons who will never inform you of the risks of these surgeries. I just hope that she pulls through without complications. Why do plastic surgeons get away with these lies? There should be an educational video beforehand warning women that mastectomies have many risks and that there are complications! Yet women ignore this fact! I was not going to reconstruct and my general surgeon urged me to see his partner - the plastic surgeon and hear him out. He was the biggest cheerleader and promised such amazing results. That I should not go flat and I was the perfect candidate for reconstruction. Telling me - Lidia, don’t do this! Don’t go flat! I will make you whole again and you will look marvelous. The biggest cheerleader who convinced me to go for it. I was excited!

I am disabled with severe chronic pain/post mastectomy pain syndrome! Beware! #Plasticsurgeon #postmastectomypainsyndrome

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Chronic Pain and Health Affliction Understanding #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #BreastCancer #nervepain #postmastectomypainsyndrome #Nervedamage #BrachialPlexusInjuries #Intercoastalnervedamage #Mastectomysurgerydamage #Surgeonlies ##Mastectomypain #Painadvocate #Incurablepain #Opiodsforchronicpain #Dontshamechronicpain

Chronic pain is a hideous affliction. Your health jeopardized by a disease and living with chronic pain most do not understand or care to understand. Instead so many times chronic pain patients are ridiculed and shamed . Family and friends claiming that this illness and pain can’t be that bad! I am grateful & thank my family & friends for their support and making me laugh when I needed it the most. I have no expectations when a friend reaches out. I’m just happy to hear from you; especially if we haven’t talked in a long while. I realize that my illness and chronic pain has certainly effected contacts from friends and family. I recognize that everyone is busy with life and that many can’t find the time. Maybe you don’t know what to say or this illness of mine has become a barrier for many who haven’t made contact with me. My own anxieties not reaching out to the many friends I used to have. I don’t want to bother anyone as I know how busy life is for everyone. When you deal with severe Chronic pain not to mention other ailments, I don’t expect anyone to understand. The denial of chronic pain that it can’t possibly be this bad vastly underestimated. 400,000 patients are hurt every day by medical mistakes. If you had many surgeries , consider yourself extremely fortunate that you are not suffering in chronic pain every day! The lack of understanding is an understatement. Chronic pain patients being ridiculed by doctors, family and friends who think that their condition can’t be as bad as they portray it to be. Instead they say “you did good yesterday & today you are miserable”. Why? That’s the million dollar question. If we could fix what’s wrong , we certainly would. There is no schedule when it comes to a severe chronic pain conditions.
If you are able to go to work every day, count your blessings. If you are retired and enjoying life without chronic pain count your blessings. I am counting my blessings every day and many times I have to look harder; especially when the pain I’m in is exhausting. The many times I forced myself to going out with friends and pretend that all is wonderful. The courage it took to get cleaned up and dressed to see you! Happy to be able to partake and have fun. The strength it took to get ready and give you a one armed hug. Unaware that the pain follows me everywhere and every day. I’m certainly not asking for pity. My message is clear and simple. Do not underestimate people suffering with chronic pain. Do not shame them! We are ashamed every day for being in this condition that has no cure. We are ashamed that we have become a burden for our own family. We are ashamed that we can’t do the things we once could. We are ashamed with it all and certainly do the best we can every day. We lie so much about our chronic affliction. We tell you that everything is fine. We lie because we don’t want to ruin your happy day. Be Nice and Help out the many who need you! #GettingHelp #Helpthesick #Dontshameillness #Helpthepained