Although I knew it for many years, I didn't want to believe it. After finally standing up for myself yesterday, they showed their true colours. I finally, after 37 years, saw clear. Although I knew it deep inside, I am shocked, I am hurting, I am confused. So much makes sense now though. And no, I am NOT crazy, they are psycho. These feelings are horrible, I feel so weak right now, I feel broken, sad, angry, frustrated, confused... But: I am thankful for yesterday... Is this a step forward? All this had to happen, for me to finally see clear and complete free myself from their abuse. I have beem ill for some years now... Did I allow myself to get ill because I felt weak, because I felt pain I didn't completely understood, because I was programmed to feel guilt, worthless and because I felt unloved. Have I subconsciously be hating myself so much, not understanding what I did wrong to be treated this way my whole life, that I am subconsciously punishing myself? It took 37 years for this to come out. The truth, these feelings, realising I am not crazy. 37 years!!! No wonder I am ill. I am. Hurting real bad, but I believe this could be a step in the right direction. May my mind and body heal #LymeDisease #psychopaths #NarcissisticAbuse #Sociopath #ChronicPain #awakening #Healing