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Ego-Death Experience; The Murder Of A Soul

The process of my ‘awakening‘ began, suddenly, in the fall of 2019.

The physical symptoms; a hole in my core, an emptiness, a dark pit grew within me. All at once, I experienced a terrifying panic, and emotional collapse. My body felt like a tomb, and my soul was desperately trying to escape. I was dying, though, I had no visible illness or injury.

My soul/ego didn’t die, that September day, as a result of psychedelics or purposeful intent; my ego starved to death because his was insatiable.
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Step forward?

Although I knew it for many years, I didn't want to believe it. After finally standing up for myself yesterday, they showed their true colours. I finally, after 37 years, saw clear. Although I knew it deep inside, I am shocked, I am hurting, I am confused. So much makes sense now though. And no, I am NOT crazy, they are psycho. These feelings are horrible, I feel so weak right now, I feel broken, sad, angry, frustrated, confused... But: I am thankful for yesterday... Is this a step forward? All this had to happen, for me to finally see clear and complete free myself from their abuse. I have beem ill for some years now... Did I allow myself to get ill because I felt weak, because I felt pain I didn't completely understood, because I was programmed to feel guilt, worthless and because I felt unloved. Have I subconsciously be hating myself so much, not understanding what I did wrong to be treated this way my whole life, that I am subconsciously punishing myself? It took 37 years for this to come out. The truth, these feelings, realising I am not crazy. 37 years!!! No wonder I am ill. I am. Hurting real bad, but I believe this could be a step in the right direction. May my mind and body heal #LymeDisease #psychopaths #NarcissisticAbuse #Sociopath #ChronicPain #awakening #Healing

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Why Spirituality Matters#Spiritual #heal ##awakening

#Recovery #Prayer #AA

When someone in the midst of a crisis starts asking me questions such as “Why did this happen? What does this mean?” I know that we are about to have a conversation about God. Whether that God resides in a traditional religious institution, an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, or a meditative search for happiness, spiritual engagement matters.

A rich spiritual life feeds our capacity to weather change, including unwelcomed health changes. It uplifts our ability to find satisfaction in ordinary, everyday experiences. For example, I once observed a moving event that demonstrated spiritual energy at work. It happened at an AA meeting in a homeless shelter.

The meeting began with a small circle of homeless men listening as the counselor described their assignment for the coming week. He asked each of them to write a prayer. Everyone agreed, except one man who simply shook his head and stared at the floor. For the next three meetings, he remained silent, while others shared their prayers.

Finally, at week four, the counselor again asked the man if he’d brought his prayer. “Yes,” he replied without any fanfare. He then pulled a crumbled bit of paper from his pocket and offered a six-word entreaty: “Whoever made me keep me safe.”

The core of this petition said much about the man who prayed it. He dared to trust, even for a moment, that life might offer some kind of vital energy beyond his understanding. It also speaks to anyone searching for healing and connection with a source of strength beyond one’s self. Some would call this a spiritual event. Others might say it was an awakening. Whatever one chooses to call this moment, it produced an energy that began to guide this fellow toward recovery. That same gift is available to all of us.


Sharing my mental illness journey

I wanted to share the website I recently published to share my mental illness and spiritual awakening story. I hope someone here may find it helpful.

Good luck to all those seeking mental wellness and better days.
#Bipolar   #Spirituality #awakening