Getting an accurate diagnosis can be easy and inexpensive when you’re going through the process. I can’t stress enough the importance of obtaining a diagnosis with a clinician who truly understands neurodiversity and the self-advocacy movement. Inclusion/participation in these community spaces can be therapeutic and even life-altering!

I believe that in an perfect world, diagnoses shouldn’t make a difference in the way people are treated, (similar to way the color of your skin should not matter, yet racism exists), but unfortunately, history tends to prove otherwise. The current reality is that diagnoses are needed in order to establish formal accommodations at places of employment or in order to be successful at school.

Diagnosis may also provide a sense of reassurance and provide a sense of belonging, a way to explain exactly what you are going through. The people within the neurodivergent community tend to all think in similar ways, which makes for lasting relationships and even feeling good about yourself!

Reaching out to the Global and Regional Autism Spectrum Partnership ( is a great first step to take when you are ready to find support. Their services range from low-cost evaluations to support groups, individual coaching, and inclusive sports programs. Check them out! #FindYourPeople #Autism #Aspie #Support #neurodivergent #nd #iykyk #publicserviceannouncement #navigatingneurodivergence #GRASP