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Navigating Coming Out as Neurodivergent

How do you respond if someone you have known for a long time suddenly made you aware of their neurodivergence? My friend had an awesome reaction to my own disclosure, so I thought I’d share what a supportive response looks like. The photo posted here is our conversation (posted with permission, of course!) 🤗

Always better to ask & learn something new ❤️

#Awareness #Acceptance #Support #Comingout #nd #Autistic #ADHD #Neurodiversity #neurodivergent #womensupportingwomen #InternationalWomensDay #Love #navigatingneurodivergence


Navigating International Womens Day 🧭

Attention: European friends! Please share 🤗

Despite the higher prevalence rate in women than in men of many neurological disorders (e.g. ADHD, multiple sclerosis, migraine, Alzheimer’s disease), gender stereotypes can have a negative impact, leading to underdiagnosis, misdiagnosis and delayed treatment. Furthermore, while women experience neurological disorders differently to men (symptomatic profile, pace of progression and effectiveness of medication), women are often excluded from research.

In addition to the experience of the patient, the majority of informal caregiving roles are occupied by women who are also burdened by the gender divide.

This survey has been developed with the aim of identifying, reporting and beginning to address the varied challenges facing all affected by neurological conditions, either as patients or caregivers, from diagnosis to care pathway. Data generated through this survey can be used to address the unmet needs and challenges facing all affected by neurological conditions.

The survey is open to anyone over the age of 18 who is living with a neurological disorder, or who is carer to someone living with a neurological disorder, that resides in Europe.

The survey can be accessed at
from March 8th.

Deadline for completion of the survey is Tuesday, April 19th.

#InternationalWomensDay2022 #womensupportingwomen #womensday2022 #ADHD #Migraine #neurology #nd #neurodivergent #Europe

@ADHD-Women ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium

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Diagnosis ✍🏼

Getting an accurate diagnosis can be easy and inexpensive when you’re going through the process. I can’t stress enough the importance of obtaining a diagnosis with a clinician who truly understands neurodiversity and the self-advocacy movement. Inclusion/participation in these community spaces can be therapeutic and even life-altering!

I believe that in an perfect world, diagnoses shouldn’t make a difference in the way people are treated, (similar to way the color of your skin should not matter, yet racism exists), but unfortunately, history tends to prove otherwise. The current reality is that diagnoses are needed in order to establish formal accommodations at places of employment or in order to be successful at school.

Diagnosis may also provide a sense of reassurance and provide a sense of belonging, a way to explain exactly what you are going through. The people within the neurodivergent community tend to all think in similar ways, which makes for lasting relationships and even feeling good about yourself!

Reaching out to the Global and Regional Autism Spectrum Partnership (GRASP.org) is a great first step to take when you are ready to find support. Their services range from low-cost evaluations to support groups, individual coaching, and inclusive sports programs. Check them out! #FindYourPeople #Autism #Aspie #Support #neurodivergent #nd #iykyk #publicserviceannouncement #navigatingneurodivergence #GRASP

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Creating change requires differing perspectives.

Everybody is at a different point on their journey through neurodivergence and we all started somewhere, so it is important to be open, patient, & respectful with others as they navigate as well.

☮️ It takes a village.

#Kind #Kindness #Respect #Acceptance #GlobalDisabilityInclusion #Inclusion #nd #change #takesavillage #Understanding #peace #MightyTogether #InvisibleDisability

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Burnout warning signs 🚩🔥

Neurodivergent burnout doesn’t always have to result in complete exhaustion. Thanks to alexithymia, sometimes we have difficulty staying in tune with our body and mind. Knowing yourself and knowing the signs can help you recognize when you are feeling overwhelmed so that you can take steps to avoid burning yourself out.

Red flags of burnout:
🚩 Procrastination
🚩 Feeling overwhelmed
🚩 Low confidence
🚩 Lack of motivation
🚩 Difficulty with self-care
🚩 Loss of interest in work
🚩 Inability to maintain camouflage/masks, social skills
🚩 Executive functioning difficulties (organizing, planning, decision-making, completing tasks)
🚩 Memory loss
🚩 More frequent meltdowns
🚩 Physical illness

🔥 How do you know when you are approaching an episode of #Burnout ?

#nd #Autism #Aspergers #ADHD #neurodivergent #Alexithymia