Okey so I have had a period for around 2 years now. I started at 14 when I was going through a really rough time. Look through my posts too find out about that. Today I want too talk about how my time of the month isn’t right. At first my period came every month not that many cramps. In the last 10-11 months my stress levels got really high. I was on my period for nearly 3 weeks. Nearly in bed every day because the cramps got so bad don’t get me started on how heavy they were. After this I missed 3 months of a period. Then comes the last few months. I had one two week period really heavy the. I had 3 days off and another two week period. Both really heavy and horrid cramps. After this I had one week off and a one week period that was worse than the others. But I then had a whole 8.5 weeks off with no blood. Then all of a sudden I got cramps so bad I was throwing up and couldn’t really stand. After about 4 days the cramps got a little better. But the blood was still very heavy. It’s just stopped in the last couple days and it got lighter fast. Ladies please help? What do you thing I should do?
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