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    Stomach issues..

    My whole gut is sensitive right now. Lower right and left. My upper stomach feels like a pit. It hurts to pee, i know theres no infection. They've found no blockages, no ulcers, nothing. Just slow transit and ibs. Taking more omeprazole doesn't help much.

    It's just some type of flare, but im drained.

    Oh and I might have oral thrush.

    Still trying to keep a good face when it hurts

    But thinking about donating my body to science, seriously

    #IBS #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #CheckInWithMe #CheerMeOn #constipatio n #cramps #indigestion #GERD #Heartburn #Stomach #Fatigue #Undiagnosed #RareDisease #MentalHealth #PeripheralNeuropathy #Migraine #FODMAP #diet #Pain

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    Preventing Hand Pain by Writing with Compression Gloves

    As a writer, I am nothing without my hands. Regardless if I am using a keyboard or writing with a pen, I need my hands to write to the best of my ability. Unfortunately, many people throughout their lives, including me, begin to feel physical pain in their hands, limiting how much time they can write comfortably.

    In order to prevent these aches — either from a physical injury or pain from swollen joints — compression gloves have been proven to be a great help for me and others with hands that ache and cramp. They are an affordable, non-surgical option that can be used not only when I am writing, but for any everyday activity. Preventing these pains that make day-to-day life a challenge will help you live a happy, healthy life.

    #compression #Arthritis #CarpalTunnelSyndrome #cramps

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    Catameninal Epilepsy #FlareUps #cramps #episodes #heatingpad #Advice

    So I was diagnosed with catamenial epilepsy three years ago after having seizure like episodes around my period. However, I wanted to know if anyone else had severe pain and partial blackouts during this time as well?

    I’d have these flare ups ( light/food sensitivities , joint pain and GERD) that are so frequent in between it worries me sometimes.

    If anyone with catamenial epilepsy has these symptoms too please like this or comment so I know I’m not alone.

    #CatamenialSeizures #Jointpain #Photosensitive #Migraine #foodsensitivies #Periods #help


    Having a bad health day .. #Pain #cramps #porcelain throne #Work #Care #cowdens

    My lower back aches with the pain radiating down my legs. I’m having stomach cramps that keep me tied to the porcelain throne.. I’m sweaty and clammy from the yuckiness.. I am blessed that my PCP took one look at me (telehealth) and wrote me out till Sunday.. nonetheless I’m a miserable mess.. I need to pick up the littles from school .. I wonder if I’ll make it off the toilet long enough!

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    Periods suck!!

    So, does anyone know how to get rid or even lesser the cramps that comes with periods? Mines a normal cycle, 28 days. My actual bleeding is only 4 days. First day not bad, barely bleeding. Second day is heavy, and a lot of cramping. Third day is cramping, and half heavy and half light. Fourth day, I'm pretty much done. #periodssuck #Period #cramps

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    Not as crabby in person #recovering #overwork #cramps #scar

    I’m a little over a month post-op. A week post biopsy (another body part) I’m still so not at baseline. I feel like I’m fighting through jello to get through the day. My scars kill, my stomach hurts, my whole self is sore.. I have no patience to still be so far off my game(it’s not like on my game is that hot)


    Fibromyalgia + PMS = Nightmare

    Does anyone else have the absolute worst time while they're PMSing. I have fibromyalgia and I take medical marijuana to get through everyday, but when I'm about to come on my period, everything feels 1000x worse, almost sharp stabbing pains and hormone influxes so bad you would think I'm possessed. I just want to not feel alone right now. #Fibromyalgia #WomensHealth #PMS #cramps


    Anyone who suffers from POTS, dietary issues, fibromyalgia and migraines have any vitamins they recommend ?

    I’m a 19 year old woman just trying to get on the right side of some symptoms. #OvarianCyst
    #Migraine #dietaryproblems #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #fybromyalga #Constantpain #cramps


    OW! #IBS #cramps #Fibromyalgia

    My pain level has gone way down, and I’m able to live a life with some joy. even getting ready to go back to work, albeit very part time. and then, a day/night like now comes along and I feel overwhelmed with loneliness, isolation and fear. I think I’ve “done it again”. I waited too long to address the fact that I haven’t had a bowl movement in over a week. I get sick of dealing with belly stuff. it’s gross and exhausting. So, now I’m in big pain, and may need to go to the ER. If I do, my close people will blame me for not getting medical help sooner. But, they have zero idea what it’s like to almost constantly have to deal with their body functions. It sucks, and I’m feeling alone and demoralized!

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    Ladies help please read this and give me advices. X#helpme

    Okey so I have had a period for around 2 years now. I started at 14 when I was going through a really rough time. Look through my posts too find out about that. Today I want too talk about how my time of the month isn’t right. At first my period came every month not that many cramps. In the last 10-11 months my stress levels got really high. I was on my period for nearly 3 weeks. Nearly in bed every day because the cramps got so bad don’t get me started on how heavy they were. After this I missed 3 months of a period. Then comes the last few months. I had one two week period really heavy the. I had 3 days off and another two week period. Both really heavy and horrid cramps. After this I had one week off and a one week period that was worse than the others. But I then had a whole 8.5 weeks off with no blood. Then all of a sudden I got cramps so bad I was throwing up and couldn’t really stand. After about 4 days the cramps got a little better. But the blood was still very heavy. It’s just stopped in the last couple days and it got lighter fast. Ladies please help? What do you thing I should do?
    #Anxiety #Depression #Period #Puke #cramps #help #Ladies #please