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Fed up, confused, and red flags to watch out for

I have a question.

When a man messages you to scam/play you and you don't follow script, why do they then block you?

Oh and ladies,

four red flags to look for when a man messages you:

1. They ask you for pics (please don't, just don't)
2. They ask for personal info
(had a guy message me asking for my number...really?!?)
3. They ask if you live alone (just downright creepy)
4. One line scammers use like clockwork is that they live in the states but are currently overseas. Don't fall for it.

I share this from experience. I can't count the number of times men have tried to pull this over on me. Smh.

Thankfully this rarely happens on this app but it has happened twice in my experience here, one being just this morning. Remember these red flags no matter what app/platform you are on. Oh yeah and REPORT THEM to protect other women from falling victim to them.

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Ladies help please read this and give me advices. X#helpme

Okey so I have had a period for around 2 years now. I started at 14 when I was going through a really rough time. Look through my posts too find out about that. Today I want too talk about how my time of the month isn’t right. At first my period came every month not that many cramps. In the last 10-11 months my stress levels got really high. I was on my period for nearly 3 weeks. Nearly in bed every day because the cramps got so bad don’t get me started on how heavy they were. After this I missed 3 months of a period. Then comes the last few months. I had one two week period really heavy the. I had 3 days off and another two week period. Both really heavy and horrid cramps. After this I had one week off and a one week period that was worse than the others. But I then had a whole 8.5 weeks off with no blood. Then all of a sudden I got cramps so bad I was throwing up and couldn’t really stand. After about 4 days the cramps got a little better. But the blood was still very heavy. It’s just stopped in the last couple days and it got lighter fast. Ladies please help? What do you thing I should do?
#Anxiety #Depression #Period #Puke #cramps #help #Ladies #please