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    #please post

    #please go ahead and post, anything that is supportive.

    This is your group.

    Also, tell everyone you know, about this group.


    I kind of want a pity party

    Everyone always talks about not wanting to be pittied with chronic illness but I’m tired of it. I want just for a moment for someone to look at me and see that I’m weak because I can’t be strong all of the time and I’m not strong now. I’m crumbling and I want someone to look at me and see that I’m broken and tell me they love me. They might not be able to fix me but I want them to see that that doesn’t mean I’m not broken. I’ve been sick since I was 2 and for once I want someone to see me and not see me as a fighter but as a causality because that’s all I feel like right now. #Emotion #MentalHealth #ChronicPain #please

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    What does self-hatred feel like to you? If you've managed to overcome it, what helped? #please #Share your #experience and ways. 💚

    Your life is a living hell. Who do you think you are? You’re no one. You’re not good enough. Stop fooling yourself you fucking idiot!

    Can you relate to this incessant feeling of self-hatred? Do you feel like, no matter what you do, you’re unwanted, useless, hopeless, broken, or unlovable?

    I have been there before. In fact, my self-hatred at one point was so strong until i resorted to self harm in order to remove those feelings. It was horrific experience. For many years I was trapped into such thinking. The truth is that there’s no quick one-size-fits all solution for self hatred or we can call it as self-loathing. But dont worry, there are many ways to overcome it.

    Basically, self-loathing is an extreme dislike of oneself. Why it happens?
    You see, as young children, we needed to see our parents in an almost godlike way. To us, they needed to be right, to be safe, to be infallible because if we mistrusted them it would have been very hard for us to survive (emotionally, mentally, and physically).

    Therefore, instead of critically analyzing and condemning our parents, we turned the blame onto ourselves. We felt that we were wrong, bad, and shameful for the way our parents treated us. We took the blame for something they did wrong. This is a major cause of self-loathing.

    Besides, you may come accross cases of bullying in school that may reinforced our self-hatred even more than the harmful social media conditioning and obsessive toxic comparison with others. You may faced critical and shame-driven teachers, friends or relatives that made you feel worthless if you didn’t meet their standards.

    The last reason might be our ego. We all never born ego less humans, but as we grow older, in order to survive in this world, we need to construct an ego. We can only hate ourselves when there is someone to hate. Without that someone, without ego, there will be no self-hatred and no suffering.

    So, now you’re already taken the first step in the direction of health and wellbeing without even knowing it. Here are some tried and tested ways to overcome self-loathing. Kindly pm me if you really ready to overcome this situation to get the brief explanation on each of the ways below here:

    • Take a break from social media
    • Do something that is well-intentioned toward yourself
    • Creatively express your self-loathing
    • Ask yourself “does my environment support me?”
    • Explore your core beliefs
    • Commit to self-love and self-care
    • Take care of your soul

    #MentalHealth #Selfcare #Selfesteem #Suicide #Love #MightyTogether

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    Pool Cop today lol (Security)

    Who needs Security for a private pool? lol I’m glad this client does because this is one of my easy days
    easy$$$ #please behave today #please don’t make me work # staying out of my head today# soaking up the sun #SWFL Life



    I’ve been so sad, this ache that never really goes away. I know it’s brought on by work and the lack of anyone listening to me.

    I was promoted about a year ago, it was super shady how this happened and due the place I was moved and supervisor I ended up in the hospital, being suicidal. Since this I’ve since been moved once more, and had to be part time during my outpatient stay. Since then I’ve been made full time again and the last few months I’ve been so sad it’s hard to explain.

    I’ve tried to talk to my parents about going partime again and either looking for another partime job or something better suited. They are not listening. Ignoring me or making it about stuff that is irrelevant.

    To make things worse, one of my new coworkers has to be right all of the time. They like to hear their own voice and are super negative. I’m so burnt out and just wanna feet okay again.

    I’m so lost…

    #help #please #Suicide #SuicidalThoughts #Work #Stress #Anxiety #Depression #CheckInWithMe



    Does anyone know what helps relax completely with OCD as a adult?#needhelp #please #itshard


    I am not getting the support I need here.#Need help #please #ican 'tdothisanymore


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    Hi I'm name is Anna I'm 22 years old and have OCD I feel really alone right now and helpless.any encouragement or prayers or anything is welcome #please


    #please pray

    If you dont mind would y'all please pray for our family this week? We head to Michigan tomorrow to be with our oldest daughter and her family for the funeral and burial of their stillborn daughter, our granddaughter. To make the week more difficult, Thursday, the 14th would have been the 30th birthday of our daughter who was killed instantly in a car wreck 9 years ago. My oldest daughter and this daughter were very close.
    Thank you in advance. 💜