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    Does OCD make you who you are?

    I often feel I would not be the same person without OCD. What do you think? Would you be the same without OCD?
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    I do have OCD, thanks for asking... TW: OCD #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder

    Ads like this one that I found on my Facebook are the worst. It perpetuates that OCD is simply to do with having something straight and in order. I have had OCD since I was 9. OCD involves intrusive thoughts, feelings or urges. I would stay up all night to make sure no broke in, because if I didn’t someone would and my whole family would die. I have to tell my dogs I love them every morning because my OCD tells me that if I don’t I probably won’t live to see them in the afternoon. My OCD tells me that no matter how many times I pray I will never be saved. It tells me that probably am not saved because I don’t feel like it all the time and if I just say one more prayer I could maybe find peace.

    OCD is not straightening books and clothes because it looks pretty. It is not cleaning because you take pride in how your house looks. It is not color coding, alphabetizing because it brings you joy. It is doing all these things because OCD tells you that something terribly bad will happen if you don’t.

    OCD looks less like a straight perfect line, and more like someone laying in bed hiding from the world for fear that they will hurt themselves, a loved one, or a random person. Or someone thinking about something over and over until they neutralize a bad thought. Constantly jumpy, anxious and uncomfortable.

    OCD is not what you see in organization ads or on “khl-ocd.”

    OCD is the WORST thing that is happened to me. I have lost my father to cancer at 9, had cancer myself at 19. And OCD far surpasses either of those things.

    OCD isn’t a joke or a gimmick. #RealOCD #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #PureO

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    Partnering with the Mighty to Increase OCD Awareness

    The International OCD Foundation is excited to be partnering with The Mighty so that we can educate more people about OCD and related disorders, end stigma, and ensure that those affected by receive diagnosis and treatment sooner. Learn more about our resources at! #MightyTogether #RealOCD


    OCD Perspective

    It’s like a shroud of guilt and fear has paralyzed me. I am so trapped inside my own mind and it has become a joyless, cruel place for me to live. And yet, I remain, a passenger complacent in watching my life slip away in the distance. Meanwhile, I’m alone, standing still, hiding behind the fear. #RealOCD #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #livingwithocd