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think i’ve got to agree to disagree.

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when you’re trying to heal from trauma, those open wounds are not up for debate on whether it was a choice to have gone through hell and back. mental illness is a serious thing, and acting like you can decide whether you want to throw your screaming past behind you or carry it with you is not something you decide; your brain will decide for you.

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For those newly diagnosed with Schizophrenia

The diagnosis may very well be the scariest part. If you’re wondering about how you’ll get better, here are a few tips. Follow your doctors treatment plan, take your meds as prescribed, and stay away from marijuana and other drugs. These made the biggest differences for me. Another factor would be avoiding as much stress as you can during the initial stages. It took me about 7-10 months to recover and it was a long journey. Things do get better eventually and one day you’ll be looking back at things and see how far you’ve come. #Schizophrenia #Psychosis #mentallyill #mentallyunstable

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They were telling me the truth, I think... #Realisation #MentalHealth #Relapse #denial

My emotions were all over the place last night and I accidentally revealed to my mum that I had stopped taking my meds from November, last year. She was reasonably furious and I am no longer responsible for my medication which makes perfect sense.
The reasons why I stopped in the first place was that I thought that I either didn't need them anymore or that I was fully recovered although at the same time I felt as if they were trying to shut me up, I honestly don't know...
I'm finally at a place now where I realise that maybe I'm not mentally healthy after all, that I do require medication to function, no matter how scared I am to take them initially. My family are telling me the truth, they want to help me and not harm me. I still have a long way to go but I hope everything else falls into place for me and my loved ones. #Revelation #mentallyill #Acceptance #Medication

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#AnkylosingSpondylitis #AutoimmuneDisesase #mentallyill #Bipolar2 #SoManyMeds #overwhelmed

Went to my first real psychiatrist appointment today and was officially diagnosed with Bipolar II. Mental illness on top of a debilitating autoimmune disease is extremely overwhelming. I’m on so many meds and supplements it just boggles my mind, and starting infusions of a new biologic medication next week. I’m hopeful, but really scared at the same time. 😔

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Gifts can be small 525 #choices #Art #Music #mentallyill #Love

The smallest thing i can think of 525 things i remember being in the hospital at 15 the day before my 16th birthday for a suicide note a boy there made me a picture of a house.with hills in the back and a sun and a small dog house.bad things happened that first time in that hospital but good came out of small pieces of. 525 thing.i started exploring for the the first time myactual explorative poetoc abilities and realized i was a poet.i also made a song though i didn't go down that road i memorized its short so ill share it.
When the night is very dark and its scary when you dream wont you grow baby grow.when a fairy shines bright and they tell you its a lie wont you grow baby grow.grow little baby dont believe what they say follow your own heart and itll all be okay so grow baby grow and in your heart and itll all be okay so grow baby and in your heart you will know.smallest but big part of 525 things are individual gifts that we all carry.they are small cause a lot of us either dont have the opportunity to use them or we dont or we turn away from gifts and do something not meant to do or supposed to be.but when we use them my how fast a tiny seedling planted can grow into a red wood oak or apple tree