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    I have a what could be considered unhealthy hate of statistics. It's not that I hate statistics, I actually enjoy them. I appreciate that we as a species want to understand or world and those like us. There will be days where all I read are statistics, but I hate them. I hate that regardless of what you do your entire existence can be summed up as an average. That really pisses me off. It's even worse because it's unavoidable. Death looms over is all just waiting to be the final statistic that takes us off the census. It's really really really frustrating. #Showerthoughts #PureO #ObsessiveCompulsiveAndRelatedDisorder #Anxiety


    Any OCD recoveries?

    Anyone overcome of severely limit their OCD? I’m trying really hard to not give in to compulsions and ruminations and was wondering if anyone had any experience and success with this? #OCD #PureO #IntrusiveThoughts



    I wish my head would shut up. I can’t unravel it all and I’m so confused and tired of living this way. I understand I might be having a bad day, but this is so unbearable. I have no control over the thoughts and I understand that’s part of the problem, control, but I wish there was a moment of silence & an opportunity for me to rest. #OCD #control #PureO #Iwantpeace

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    When Your Emotions Can't Be Explained

    To me it's important to find music that resonates with what you're experiencing, and I've compiled a list of songs here that I find relatable. They put words to feelings when I can't, and even though this idea is always enforced (especially on this platform), it's comforting to know that I'm not alone. Of course, music is always open to interpretation, but these are the meanings I've found when listening to the songs below. (I wanted to write more about each but couldn't because of the limiting word count).

    Every Single Night by Fiona Apple - ED/Intrusive thoughts

    Obsessions by Marina - OCD/Pure O

    Teen Idle by Marina - Suicide ideation/Depression

    Hermit The Frog by Marina - Bipolar? (going from numb to manic, mood swings, losing control easily, intrusive thinking)

    Migraine by 21 Pilots - Suicide ideation

    Car Radio by 21 Pilots - Suicide ideation/Depression

    Overwhelmed by Royal & the Serpent - Anxiety

    Hold On by Extreme Music - Suicide ideation (second person point of view)

    Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez - N/A (being too far gone, crazy > normal)

    Back To Black by Amy Winehouse - Addiction

    Whatever music you listen to, I hope it makes you feel understood and helps you better comprehend what's going on in your head (but without getting hung up on any upsetting lyrics/spiraling). Please share some of your favorites, too!

    #MentalHealth #Anxiety #SuicidalThoughts #Depression #Bipolar #OCD #PureO


    Differences #OCD #PureO #ExposureAndResponsePrevention #Compulsio n

    I just noticed the enormous difference between the relief after doing a compulsion versus an exposure. The feeling of relief after an exposure is so pure. Feeling like you’re back to life after it, not back to the never ending circle ⭕️


    My head hurts

    I am so tired. So defeated. I don’t want to keep fighting, I want to believe and know I’m good and I want to stop doubting myself and every move I make. I’m so miserable. I am just angry.



    Today I get to see a #Therapist for the first time in many years. I only attempted to get help once and it went terribly. I hope that I can at the very least feel some hope out of this. #PureO


    Anything Helps

    I’m 17 years old and I am constantly battling pure o and depression. I’ve had ocd for quite a few years. Recently Ive been struggling with false memories and intrusive thoughts. It’s to the point where I’m so burnt out. It’s physically affecting me now, I get headaches and sore muscles, nausea, and just overall weakness. I’m in therapy doing CBT and it’s helping a lot. But I’m only able to see my therapist once every two weeks for one hour because it’s expensive. I’m just tired of feeling like a horrible person, I’m tired of questioning myself, and I’m tired of my mind telling me I’m not deserving of a happy life. It’s just this endless cycle that’s become so debilitating. I just read a post that said people with ocd never fully recover. And that broke me because I genuinely don’t know how to live with this. I wouldn’t kill myself but I really just don’t want to be alive because of how draining and painful this is. I know that I’m a good person, but my ocd will not let me believe it and will always make me question myself. I’ve just lost hope honestly. This is just a vent. Because not many people understand but I hope someone on here does. If you have any advice, or anything I’d honestly love to hear.

    If you read all this, thank you so much.



    I wonder what it’s like to just “be.” To just live in the moment and not ruminate on what was or panic about what could possibly be. To just enjoy all the good things and good people around you and not question your love for them. To not have horrible thoughts pop into your head daily and scare you into believing you’re a horrible person unworthy of anything good being called yours. To not get angry uncontrollably and hate yourself for it minutes later. One day, I hope to just be. #GAD #PureO #anger

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    Daughter with Pure OCD

    Hi. I see the true horror of living with this and can't imagine being constantly harrassed by your own mind. If anyone has tips on the bestvway to suppiort a loved one I would be very greatful. #OCD #Pureocd #PureO #OCD