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#Depression #recession #Broke
This is what being broke looks like at the end of the week.
Groceries are (everything) too expensive and it's getting worse.
The government doesn't care.
This is not a feel sorry for me post It's just facts.


#Finances #recession #Depression
I really need to work
They just increased some more costs on us
My husband's job isn't cutting it.
I am such a mental and physical mess that the thought is stressing me out.
I really need long term inpatient treatment.
I really just want to check out all together.

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Hoping for the Best!!!

Please wish me luck and keep me in your thoughts if you have a moment. I’ve applied to about 100 places in a month after being let go from a startup suffering in this recession. I originally joined it to help cardiac patients like my son to help with predicting the right heart surgery and valve replacements needed. Things went south with this recession though.

At times I wished I stayed with my prior company before this one despite getting burned out from 80-90 hour work weeks. I didn’t think I’d screw up this much and people tell me it isn’t my fault but one can’t help to think at the end of the day I did make the final decision.

I’m almost past the technical interviews for 3 companies out of about 10 that showed interest. I want my wife and toddlers safe and I’m trying to be as resilient as I can with type I bipolarism. I have lots of energy and feel like walls are caving in around me with flames and I’m often haunted by vivid nightmares of my failure.

What do you guys do to hold things together in times like these? #Bipolar #recession #Depression #Hypomania #Hope