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    Struggling lately

    Hi Mighties. I haven't been able to get on here much the past few months, our wifi hotspot died and we haven't been able to replace it.

    So, long story short, my stepson hurt his eye about 2 and a half weeks ago, he's had 2 surgeries and a lot of doctor’s appointments since then (4 hours round trip to the university hospital), and its left me and my husband feeling completely drained.

    But even before that, I was working on The Inner Child Workbook, but kind of got stuck on the first inner child. I was thinking I need to send my parents a letter or something (I told them not to contact me when I moved out Oct. of 2019 I think it was). But I have seriously mixed feelings about it. Its like I need them to know why I am mad at them, but at the same time I so don't want to open the door to them again. I think what I should do is keep doing the workbook but also work on a letter and if I feel like I get the letter just right, only then send it.

    Thanks for listening all of you, it helps to know someone out there understands and sees this stuff.

    #Childhoodemotionalneglect #Reconciliation #Anxiety

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