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Soo ...... another one

Well I've been dreading today to be honest as it's been the longest I've not had my check for due to covid ,I knew there were some new areas and so.e changes that they were going to have some concerns about , so this area was right beside where one of my previous melanomas were so it's not the bets sign.... have a few more to get next week also.just a waiting game now .I know it's best and always better to be safe anyways but I always get such anxietyand extreme change in my thoughts and moods through this ......anyone else struggle with these appointments ????

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But at least it’s a diagnosis ^_^ ❤️

Ever had people say this to you after years of ambiguity? I’ve had all these symptoms with normal test/lab results and doctors telling me I’m depressed as a result (apparently ignoring that I have CRPS), and then wow! turns out I have thyroid nodules too. Yeah it’s something of a new diagnosis, but I haven’t been to an endocrinologist for them yet.

I’m allowed to be scared and stressed about the implications of this, and the prospects of biopsy and surgery. 20 years ago I woke up during surgery on my neck. I remember it clearly and boy does it give me anxiety to think of doctors fooling around there. But at least it’s something different than another normal test result.
#ThyroidNodules #thyroid #Anxiety #ComplexRegionalPainSyndrome #Biopsy #Surgery #scared

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Rant: the lidocaine is wearing off. The pain is growing

The kids are clueless the phone doesn’t stop ringing. I’m hungry and no one is bringing me a meal. I’m still pretty anxious abt this biopsy cause it has life altering potential. I came home and panic shopped a sweater. Now I think I need to go to the grocery cause nobody else will #needlove #needcare #Biopsy #anxious #outoftouch



I got the test results from the biopsy they took on Thursday. The procedure where they also took out my IUD, did a pap smear, and gave me my next Lupron shot. It's not good news. They found the cancer has spread to that spot. The weird thing is that area has been oddly itchy for roughly a year, and I mentioned that and another itchy area on a breast, at the time I really noticed it, to my primary care doc. She told me not to worry about it, and it was probably nothing. I'm wondering if I've been dealing with the cancer since then? Much earlier than I thought. Maybe it spread to that area before the bones. Would that area be considered skin or part of my reproductive tract? It was found throughout all the layers of the samples. Either way, it seems to be in another organ system now. They might have to take out even more when they do the hysterectomy, which means longer recovery time and more drastic looking. I thought it would just come back fine. #Biopsy #Hysterectomy #Health #Cancer #MetastaticBreastCancer #metastaticcancer #BreastCancer #tests


fear holy crap #Biopsy #scananiexty

I've lived with a skin condition called hidradenitis supertivia since junior high. Had a scan scheduled for a site that has been cut and surgically repaired. Now my doctor thinks I have another abscess possibly. So getting my lab and scan all lined up..
it's Thursday