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Coming out of lockdown

Today, I learned that travelling and staying somewhere else in Scotland might be a possibility, a probability, after 3rd July. Today, my low mood lifted; I felt energised, excited, motivated to begin doing what I most love doing - planning trips and times away with my family. That's all it took to go from low and slow to bright and busy.
Is my reaction, my coping strategy, a sensible one? Probably not. I would try to remain equally cheerful and focused if things went in reverse again, but it would be extremely difficult. Holidays and trips away, even just down the North East coast or deeper into the shire, are what keep me going in the stressful moments at work, and organising online teaching has been stressful. So, for now, everything is crossed for Friday, and Phase 3. #scotland
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Has anyone gone through the complaints process against NHS Scotland? #NHS #scotland #complaints #Rheumatology

3 months after sending in a complaint about my rheumatology appointment and how I feel I was treated, I receive a letter today telling me it will not be upheld.
They have gone through my points and the doctor in question 'does not recall' the things I was complaining about so therefore I am lying, right?!
I don't know if I should go through the Ombudsman or just get a 2nd opinion and cross my fingers for a better experience next time?
Anybody else have a similar experience? Is there an official body out there who could help me? Citizen's advice doesn't seem to be much help.