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I need some respect.
My job is difficult. A thank you for showing up is all I want.
I am disappointed because today was supposed to be my therapy appointment.
My therapist did not respond to my texts . Hopefully I can talk with her this week.
My mindset is woe is me.
Tomorrow is a work day.
Positive vibes are needed.
Thank you.#Breathe

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when I’m overcome with depression and anxiety, I fight.

Gratitude is what saves me every day. When I find myself being overcome with grief, with sadness, when that broken record plays reminding me of the song that depicts the large holes in my heart that will always remain part of its shape, when I’m overcome with depression, and anxiety, I fight. I fight to remind myself what I have and just how lucky I am to have the things I do now. Over and over I repeat and remind myself until the darkness is overshadowed by the light. I do not ignore my grief or sadness or the songs of memory, instead I write. I reflect. I let it out as much as I can while being mindful to not to let it consume me. To not let my children see it consume me, but instead see me fight. See me acknowledge it’s okay to feel sad sometimes, to see me take those deep breaths and grounding techniques to prevent a panic attack, to see mama taking a short break or walk outside, because to tell them to ignore sadness would be a lie. That’s how we get to the point of it consuming us to begin with. You cannot control what feelings you have, but you can work to manage them. So for me, I write. I reflect. I remind myself to breathe. I remind myself how grateful I am. And I fight. #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #Breathe #GroundingTechniques #keepgoing #PanicAttacks #Gratitude

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Take a moment to breathe

The image has the following text: "you know what's a good feeling? a real good feeling? when sunbeams do this."
The text is followed by a series of foyr photos taken in a green forest with sunbeams shining through the trees.

Take a moment to breathe.

We can do this 2023 thing, Mighty community.

#DistractMe #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #NewYear #goals #Nature #Breathe

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Fibro Mitto Seizures pots and more

I always thought I was the only one till I read peoples post gosh really is ungodly day to day but really minute to minute Thanks for the join. Mel #Spoonie #Breathe #warrior #fighter

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Gaslighting Oneself

People gaslight others..Have you ever gaslighted yourself? I know I have. Stop criticizing yourself, be kind. Realize that blame for whatever, can be for others. We should not accept responsibility for certain things that happened, things that, weren’t our fault or things that are the result of another’s toxic behavior. We can be our own worst critics. We can lie to ourselves. It’s damaging for one’s own self-confidence for one’s own psyche. #Gaslighting #Selfblame we need #Selfconfidence #Breathe #JustBreathe #affirmations #PTSD #Survivor #MentalHealth #Depression #IfYouFeelHopeless #TheMighty

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In The Meantime

In view of everything that’s gone on lately in our world, I ran across this #Poem and it just seemed to be what I needed today. #Breathe #JustBreathe #Healing #HealingVoices #Poetry #vibes #PTSD #Depression #Grief

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I just want to clear my mind and go on a walk. I feel so anxious, sad and overwhelmed… I want these feelings to go away. Walking helps bring me to the present moment and take a moment to breathe. I’m going to go ask my mom to come with me but she’s busy so I might have to wait. I know I could go alone but don’t like going alone because I’ve recently moved and don’t feel comfortable with the area yet. My mom is also in a stressful situation which is making me feeling stressed and anxious for her as well, I hope we can both go clear our minds soon and walk…
#Breathe #peace #Stress #Anxiety #overwhelmed

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Personal Art


"To pause. To make space. To collect your thoughts. To remember. To face the next moment. To choose."

•This abstract has me in love. There's no words to it. These colors blended so beautifully. The lettering is "perfect." I'm not mad at it one bit! So good.

For someone who battles anxiety on the daily, this quote spoke to me... I'm ALWAYS saying "Just Breathe." It has become my go-to on those "hard" days. Breath work is very important when you're dealing with a mental illness (or any stress trigger at that).

May y'all find some solace with this painting! 💞

#Anxiety #Depression #Migraines #Chatspace #CheckInWithMe #undiagnoised #MentalHealth #Selflove #Therapy #pencilcase #ArtTherapy #Insomnia #PTSD #Breathe