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How long have you been writing for? Why did you decide to write? What do you like to write about? My answer is down below ⬇️

I’ve been writing for 16 years. I started writing after I got discharged from the mental ward. I started writing nonfiction short stories about what went on that day. Then I wrote poetry for a few years. Now I write disability and self help stories that I’m wanted to turn into books. Now it’s your turn. Remember be respectful. #Writing #Poetry #shortstory


Sebastian and His Cup

A couple years ago, I discovered a short story written by one of my favorite authors in the world, Fredrick Backman. It was entitled “Sebastian and the Troll”, and in the author's words himself, it's a story about "how it feels". I fell in love with the story the minute I read it, and have read it many a time since. Recently, after a particularly hard therapy session, I felt compelled to reread it, and remembered why I loved it so much. So I sent it to my therapist. She, in turn, loved it. And sent me a journal prompt.

See, I had been struggling with some intense suicidal thoughts, to the point where a couple months ago, I had gone out and bought some sleeping pills, my weapon of choice, “just in case”. And I kept finding reasons to not got rid of them. My therapist’s prompt to me was what would the troll say if Sebastian was struggling to get rid of sleeping pills too? There's a moment in the story where the adults try to shove pills into Sebastian's bubble to try and make him feel better, but they just get stuck in the few openings he had left, and don't do anything.

Her prompt, along with that scene, inspired me to write my own little story entitled “Sebastian and the Cup”. Because it got me thinking, what if Sebastian got the pills unstuck? And what if he started collecting, hoarding them, just in case? and what would the troll say to that? Thus, this little story was born. I'm going to link the original story, because it's profound, heart wrenching, and beautiful, and I think everyone should read it. And after all, this story was completely inspired by Backman's.

Here’s my story:

Here is the original: #Suicide #Depression #PTSD #Anxiety #Bubble #creativewriting #shortstory

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