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Good days

Today was a good day. Still experiencing weird, hard to explain pain. I managed to try and push through it. I made our bed. Did the dishes, finished my daughter’s enrollment for Pre k4. Handled some issues with debt by correcting insurance information. Got half of our dinner started and my husband will finish the other half. Finally laying down on the couch and resting. Appreciate the good days! You’re more than your symptoms. You got this. ❤️🤘🏻 #GravesDisease #hashimotos #Neuropathy #Silentmigraines #ChronicMigraineSyndrome #Fatigue #mom

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Silent Migraines #Silentmigraines #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #PanicAttacks

I found it odd that no one has talked about or written about silent migraines (AKA acephalgic migraines) yet. Essentially they are migraines without the severe head pain, but every other migraine symptom. From prodrome all the way to postdrome. The physical feeling of it all makes my anxiety worse, as these silent migraines feel a lot like you’re about to have a full blown panic attack. The blurred vision, head and ear pressure, nausea, fatigue, tingling... I’ve been diagnosed with GAD, panic disorder, major depressive disorder, and acephalgic migraines. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between whether I have a migraine or a panic attack is starting. Either way, both suck. Absolutely 100% SUCK!