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Is SCOTUS gonna come after the rights of mentally ill people next?

TW: assault, gun violence, loss of autonomy, transphobia, pandemic

So last year, I had a nervous breakdown as a result of a traumatic brain injury, resulting from a transphobia-fueled assault i suffered in 2019, and exacerbated by the self-isolation during the pandemic. In May of last year, I was determined by the state of Arizona as being seriously mentally ill. With all the recent overturning of court decisions that guarantee the rights of individuals who aren't specifically mentioned in the constitution, I worry that it won't belong before SCOTUS overturns the rights of people who are seriously mentally ill. Especially since I know that it wasn't really all that long ago that we deinstitutionalized people with mental and developmental impairments in this country, and the fact that any time there is a mass shooting or other major crisis in this country, it is blamed on the mentally ill. Based on what we've seen from SCOTUS so far this year, do you believe it's possible that soon mentally ill people will no longer be allowed to live in the community or have the rights that we have today that protect us from abuse and neglect and guarantee us autonomy over our own care? I am terrified....

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Finding Treatment Providers

Does anyone have any tips on finding Medicaid psychiatrists in the northern Virginia area?

My PCP said 95% of psychiatrists in this area don't take any insurance, public or private.

I've also been hearing that the pandemic has driven up demand for psychiatric treatment.

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