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Looking for psychiatrist

#BipolarDisorder My son is 36 and struggling so much with bipolar 2. He is unable to work and does not have good insurance, but we need to find a good psychiatrist to evaluate his medication and lead a new treatment plan. We live in upstate NY near Binghamton. Does anyone know of a trusted psychiatrist anywhere near us? #Psychiatrist #treatment #Medication

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Quick Tip Thursday: Adjust Meal & Medication Timing to Prevent Low or High Morning Blood Sugar Levels

You may need to adjust meal times and medication timing if your morning blood sugar numbers consistently falls short of what you expected or rise above what you expected. Make sure you work with your healthcare provider to find the best times for you.

#Diabetes #DiabetesType1 #DiabetesType2 #Diabetestype3 #lada #mody #ChronicIllness #AutoimmuneDisease #Lifestyle #treatment #Support #SupportGroups #MightyTogether

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Wellness Wednesday: Freestyle Libre Reader Warning

There’s a product warning for people using Freestyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring Systems:

A number of Libre users reported that their reader's lithium-ion battery swelled, overheated, sparked, and in rare cases, caught fire. In response, Abbott has issued a warning.

- Abbott has issued a Class I recall, used when there is a risk of serious injury or death, for its FreeStyle Libre, Libre 14-day, and Libre 2 Flash Glucose Monitoring Systems.

- The recall affects all reader serial numbers distributed in the U.S. from November 2017 to February 2023, totaling 4,210,785 devices.

- The recall is due to the potential overheating, sparking, or fire that may occur when the readers are charged with non-Abbott adapters or USB cables, or when they are damaged or exposed to liquids.

- Abbott has reported 206 incidents related to this issue, including at least seven fires and one injury, but no deaths.

- The FDA is advising people to stop using the FreeStyle Glucose Monitoring Systems and switch to a backup method if they do not have the Abbott-provided USB cable and power adapter, or if the reader appears damaged, cracked, or swollen.

- If there is visible swelling of the reader, if the reader gets too hot to hold, or if the reader is no longer able to hold a charge, it is essential to switch to a backup.

- If the Reader is damaged or an Abbott-provided USB cable or power adapter is needed, call Abbott's Customer Service at 1-855-632-8658 to request a replacement.

- The steps are outlined at

#Diabetes #DiabetesType1 #DiabetesType2 #Diabetestype3 #lada #mody #prediabetes #GestationalDiabetes #JuvenileDiabetesType1 #ChronicIllness #AutoimmuneDisease #Lifestyle #treatment #Warning #Support #SupportGroups #CheckInWithMe #MightyTogether

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Just a little help

I’m not sure which would be better medication for BPD or just therapy. I was given antidepressants and anxiety meds and mood stabilizers… years ago and they only made me worse. But now I’m so emotional I can’t even make to job interviews or dr appointments. I feel like I’ve overwhelmed myself but I’m not sure how, and idk how to fix it or make it better. I just want to be a functioning member of society but I can’t even function or feel like a part of society.

#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #treatment #Therapy #Medication #help #PTSD #BipolarDisorder #Anxiety #Depression #notme

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Quick Tip Thursday: Gas and Bloating on Ozempic? Use of Simethicone and a Gas-Free Diet May Help

If you have gas or burping that bothers you while on Ozempic, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. You may be prescribed over-the-counter medication, such as simethicone (Gas-X). Additionally, they may recommend avoiding foods that cause gas.

#Diabetes #DiabetesType2 #prediabetes #ChronicIllness #Lifestyle #treatment #Medication #Support #SupportGroups #MightyTogether

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BPD and Suicidality

It makes you feel like a burden on your loved ones. Family support groups are not so available in India. So as a result families don't get to know how to deal with the person with BPD, although they are there with all intention to help. But they fail most of the time to understand what the person with BPD is going through and what to tell and not to tell. So it affects the person with BPD. And as diagnosed with BPD I know how difficult it is to control oneself from attempting suicide and self harming. I am self-harming from a very young age(when I was 10 years old). I have attempted suicide before. Two times. I was 20 years old then. I got diagnosed with BPD few days back when I'm 26. I don't know if it's already too late or not. Suicidal thoughts and urges are there. I'm fighting with it all the time. I know I won't get much help from my family. And I also don't have friends who will understand BPD. Most of them left because of my anger or I pushed them away. A typical BPD trait. My only hope is my therapist and maybe myself. It is really hard to exist with BPD and as an add I've Major Depressive Disorder and severe anxiety. Only GOD can help me I guess. I wish anyone suffering from any mental health issue gets treated and gets all the support they need. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPD #SuicideAttempt #suicidality #treatment #suffering #MentalHealth #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Anxiety

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Botox or No Tox?

I have been on the wait list to see the Dr for botox for a couple of years and them I finally was supposed to get it done today but when I went in to see the Dr I told her I was nervous and wasn't sure if that's what I wanted and so she sent me away and said to rebook when I'm sure.
The problem is that I don't know if I'll ever be sure--I'm scared of needles and I'm sick of putting drugs (even supposedly helpful ones) in my body but I don't know what to do, I feel so trapped. There's a lot of stigma in my family and friend group about not living drs or modern pharmaceuticals and I'm afraid of being judged or having side effects and having people say I told you so or making fun of me for even getting botox because they only associate it with a cosmetic procedure and then the Dr told me I'd have to have it at least 3 times before she would expect any improvement.
Have you had botox? Like it or dislike it? Did it help much? Are there other treatments that are less invasive (Ive tried most meds and home remedies) that I could try?
Any advice would be very appreciated!

#ChronicMigraineSyndrome #Migraine #botox #treatment

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My Invisible Illness

I would like to open up about my invisible illness. I first realized there was something wrong about six years ago when i came to New Zealand in couple of months I got really sick had this persistent pain in my body and I kept getting this shooting pain from my neck to lower back. My pain became more widespread, more frequent, and more intense when I was at university.

I went to several doctors and specialists had several exams for past 6 years finally I was diagnosed in 2022. The neurologist gave my invisible illness a name Fibromyalgia. I was finally relived they found what actually my illness is however it is a chronic illness which is lifelong and has no cure and also accompanied by chronic fatigue and 100 other symptoms.

Living with fibromyalgia means living with a chronic pain condition that greatly influences daily life. I feel pain all of the time and this affects my ability to do day-to-day tasks.Every task I choose to do has a trade-off with another. For example, if I choose to cook something, doing the laundry becomes more difficult.

As soon as i was diagnosed,I was forced to slow down all my activities both in personal and professional life it had gotten so worse that full right side of my body from neck to feet was in so much pain i could barely move, close my fist or hold a cup or grab the spoon to cook or eat.

Hence i had to make so many changes in my life to gain back strength and mobility slowly back to my body.I had to start taking different medications and therapies with many trials until my doctor found what worked better for me, many meds I was on, messed with my sleeping pattern made me feel nauseous and dizzy whole day and others messed with my stomach lining. I tried to work out because I felt that staying active changing my diet to vegetarian would help me sadly it worsened my symptoms even more. The most challenging aspect of fibro, for me, would be the fatigue, since it prevents me from doing a lot.

Unfortunately, there are not too many medical experts in New Zealand who have done research to understand what I have, and how it affects my daily life. My husband is my number one supporter and he helps me with my stress which is a trigger to pain, but there are also those who don’t understand or care to, so I just distanced myself from those people. I will continue to remove such people from my life, whether blood related or not, if you are not concerned about my wellbeing then I don’t need to have you in my already small circle.

In the last six years there has never been a day my body was without pain. I dont even know how it feels to be without pain anymore. I can’t be on meds 24*7 so i try to get as much rest as possible. As the meds have other side effects which causes other health issues.Honestly, i have tried all the pain killers in the world none of those have ever made my pain go even 20% less . There are times when I feel like nothing works and then i started to research and study on this illness myself.

With my findings and study for months i found out that lifestyle management is the only solution with people who have chromic illness. Since western medicine doesn’t have any cure i studied Ayurveda and gain knowledge around it and observed myself by doing trial and errors with Ayurvedic diet and practising spiritualism as a result to balance and manage my lifestyle Ayurvedic food diet which works for me in subsiding symptoms related to fatigue and stomach lining. Spirituality also really helped me such as meditation and yoga in order to focus on the positivity around me and to push myself to keep fighting with my body in order to live my life to the fullest.

As far as being open about my illness & symptoms, I hate to complain, because I know it can be annoying to hear someone talk about how much pain they are in daily, so I keep it to a minimum. I hate to hear that it will get better, when I know it’s not going to get better because there is no cure. So, I had kept it to myself. Remember to be kind to people as behind that smile we don’t know who is fighting a battle not everyone likes to open up about their struggles. I have had people commenting on my life about gaining weight or not going out or visiting families and friend. Last six years has been a roller coaster ride for me. I have been faking being okay!

My biggest battle is the pain I deal with daily, but the biggest is putting on a brave face, getting up and starting my day and trying to keep up with my daily responsibilities either personally or professionally. There was many moment in my life where i would want to scream at the top of my lungs. I just have no control over this illness that has taken over me and i would want to take my life. Then i look around and see I have family who i love dearly, and one look at them, tells me that my life is important and worth fighting for.

Honestly taking it one day at a time, is how I balance my illness in my personal and professional life, there is no other way. I had always been a high achiever and proceeded to put a lot of pressure on myself in every aspect of my life hence people always say i am lucky whenever i attained my goals whether it was graduating with academic excellence being the top scholar or getting a corporate job at management level or buying a brand new home or travelling around and buying luxury items at early 20s it is not luck it is hard-work sacrifices and most importantly journey of fighting with my own body, health and mind to live life and achieve of my dreams. I just want to say to each one of you if your healthy you are lucky one as Health is Wealth!!

I would like people to know and understand that this condition is real and it’s depressing- please be supportive. If you find that you can’t be of any help to that person suffering from Fibro, then remove yourself from their lives, and spare them further pain.

My words of encouragement for others who are living with Fibro are to try to find a doctor who is caring and believes in your pain, and work with them in finding medication that can help you control some of the pain, because right now, there is nothing that take it all away. Continue fighting, and don’t give up, we have people who need us and depend on us, so we must find a way to fight to continue living. And lastly we should all come together and help us spread the word, and know that you are not alone.

Lastly, this message was not for sympathy it was for awareness in the community which is must needed.
#Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #fibromyalgiawarrior #illness #Fibro #healthiswealth #Bekind #ChronicIllness #symptoms #treatment #RheumatoidArthritis #FibroFog #Medicine

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