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    When will it change? #treatment resistant depression #major depressive disorder #Anxiety disorder #eating disorder #PTSD

    Does it ever get better? I do most of what I have to do with extreme effort - work, home, existing. I have mastered the “facade” most of the time. People don’t get it. If they could be in my shoes for an hour they wouldn’t last. I know people have it worse. The black hole doesn’t end. I’m tired of getting guilted into staying on earth. I don’t want others to take on my pain, especially my kids (21&24) I’m not being fair to anyone. Rock-hard place.

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    Is anyone else putting everything into treatment but it just isn’t working? Or am I just being difficult? I’m currently off of work (AGAIN) and in an Intensive Outpatient Program. I participate in groups and am “compliant” with everything they say. I’m on many meds and have tried many more. I’m tired…

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    Can’t ACCESS treatment!

    The only available treatment for my 16 year long battle with a secondary autoimmune neuropathy is unfortunately inaccessible to me due to:

    - insurance not willing add it to its coverage guidelines yet

    - out of pocket cost being $9.7k/infusion.

    According to my doctor, I need these infusions for at least 12 months to start.

    This is what medical exclusivity looks like.

    I live every day with neuropathy burning me from the inside out, which is quite literally hell and I cannot access treatment.

    #AutoimmuneAutonomicNeuropathy #SmallFiberNeuropathy #autoimmune #treatment #Disability #Accessibility #access

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    Quick Tip Thursday: Keep Performing Finger Sticks Periodically If You Wear A Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

    <p>Quick Tip Thursday: Keep Performing Finger Sticks Periodically If You Wear A Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)<br></p>
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    Breaking News: Freestyle Libre 3 Approved By FDA

    <p>Breaking News: Freestyle Libre 3 Approved By FDA</p>
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    #treatment resistant depression#major depressive disorder #Anxiety disorder and then some

    Has anyone tried brain mapping? If so, what was the treatment after the mapping? Did it work? I’m desperate for something to work.

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    How do I overcome fear about my therapist suggesting new treatment modalities?

    <p>How do I overcome fear about my therapist suggesting new treatment modalities?</p>
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    Why the Medical Model Can’t ‘Cure’ Me as a Person With schizophrenia

    I was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was 18 after years of struggling with severe depression, anxiety, and at the time undiagnosed PTSD.

    After I was diagnosed, like many people with severe and complex mental illness, I put my faith into medical professionals and what they thought was best for me. Some told me I would never get better, some pumped me full of antipsychotics until I couldn’t walk or stay awake. Some told me it was my fault that I wasn’t getting better. But I did what they said. I believed everything they were telling me. “It must be my fault” I thought…

    I have also had good experiences with psychiatrists who have helped me in so many ways and believed I could get better when nobody else did, including myself. My current psychiatrist is brilliant and really cares about my wellbeing and includes me in decisions regarding my treatment. What helped me most was them holding the hope for my recovery until I could grasp it myself.

    However, the best thing for my recovery wasn’t the medication and psychiatry (although it definitely played a role). The best thing for me was realising that I was capable of doing things other than being a patient, and that came from getting involved in mental health advocacy and the lived/living experience movement. I realised that my story is powerful and I can use it to help people.

    I first got involved with headspace (Australia’s national youth mental health organisation) as a volunteer. I was then selected to be part of their national youth reference group. That’s when I got involved in advocacy at a national level and my life changed forever.

    I have since gone on to share my story publicly many times, and I have also become a Peer Worker which is incredibly rewarding. I have also recently founded a nonprofit organisation called ‘Peers With Psychosis Australia’ with the aim of empowering people with psychosis to get involved in mental health advocacy, activism, and community.

    Without finding my passion in life, there is no way I would be where I am now in my recovery and professional life. In order to find that passion I needed support from others, and I got that from the advocacy community. I have met many amazing advocates over the years and they showed me that I could do it too. I stand on the shoulders of giants.

    The medical model has definitely played a role in my recovery, but I think that if that was the only support I was given, I would merely be existing. With the support of my peers I am thriving. I’m still on my recovery journey, and I think for me that’s a lifelong process, but I have realised that I don’t have to be completely free of symptoms to live a meaningful life.

    People with schizophrenia need wrap-around, holistic support and treatment. We need help so we can help ourselves. I’ve found my passion and purpose in life after years of feeling like I had nothing to look forward to and nothing to live for. I want to give people like me that same opportunity.

    #Schizophrenia #MentalHealth #treatment #Recovery #Peersupport

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    So there is a wearable insulin patch that’s
    FDA-approved for people with type 1, LADA or type 2 diabetes aged 21 years and older.
    The Cequr Simplicity insulin patch is a low-tech option that makes taking insulin for your meals and corrections much easier. The patch is approved to be worn on your abdomen for up to three days.

    Click on the article to learn more?

    ❓To my friends that use insulin, would this be something that you would use?

    #Diabetes #DiabetesType1 #DiabetesType2 #lada #ChronicIllness #AutoimmuneDisease #treatment #JuvenileDiabetesType1 #Lifestyle #Health #sharewithme

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    In my pursuit to stop my mental suffering I recently discovered a different kind of treatment for some mental illnesses, ketamine therapy, as soon as I started reading about ketamine I immediately was intrigued and wanted to try it out. I’m curious if anyone has tried this treatment for mental illness specifically anxiety before? If so has it helped you? I most likely will try this therapy if available to me.

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