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Chronic pain and complex trauma support groups?

I’m recovering from a recent physical and mental health crisis and am becoming more aware of the ways my complex trauma and fibromyalgia (recently diagnosed) relate to each other, both in terms of my trauma history becoming longer term somatic dysregulation and the ways this physical and emotional/mental dysregulation contribute to each other. I’m trying to find resources for this experience but I’m not finding much. I’m in therapy but could really use support or therapy group type of help so that I’m less isolated in my experience. I’m not always great at keeping up with online, text-only things so something with video meetings or local NYC meetings would be great. Any pointers in the right direction would be wonderful. Thank you for reading! #CPTSD #complextrauma #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #SomaticHealing #Trauma #traumahealing #supportgroup #SupportGroups


Relaxation techniques?? #AttemptedHealing #Relaxation #SomaticHealing

So after some physical therapy thanks to some “wow you’re lucky to be alive and not paralyzed!” (🙄) caliber car accidents, it was P-A-I-N-S-T-A-K-I-N-G-L-Y slow to heal to a point where I realized that “soft tissue injury” meant ie your muscles and tendons and etc, I THEN realized that I guess in that way, my lifelong pressure cooker response to #GrowingUpTraumed and developing #CPTSD likely saved my spine from being torn because…for my entire life?!!! **I didn’t even know what soft tissue was because my muscles have felt like stone!**

So much so, that I’m to a point that, being too financially poor to afford the LMT and PT the docs say I need, doing warm baths with epsom salt & relaxing scents, stretching in the AM and every few hours when sitting, etc just isn’t cutting it; and when my muscles can’t relax I can’t breathe well. When I can’t breathe well I panic or rage a lot easier than my hair-trigger emotions can already get set off and so…

Free (or very cheap) and mostly healthy suggestions for bodily relaxation?? Somatic healing?

I will take suggestions from manual manipulations I don’t yet know about (I have a foam roller and a trigger point release stick thing, the epsom salt lotion, muscle relaxers, nada works!), to links to your most restorative yoga or progressive muscle relaxation playlists, music recommendations, whatever!!!

And for god sakes if anyone knows where the hell I can find programs/apps/links for relaxation virtual reality devices that clip to your cell phone, I’ll take those too; I heard the military is using VR to relax their ptsd guys and managed to get a VR device for super cheap awhile ago but can’t find where/how to use it!?!!

Any other thoughts or experiences y’all have with any somatic healing via practitioners are also welcome - the more I realize my mind is mostly healed but that my body seems to have too many muscle memories to stop setting off my bodily symptoms to then bother my mind, the more I think about leaving psychotherapy but don’t know what type to change to…?