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Reclaiming your voice after trauma

This episode is for anyone that has experienced their voice being silenced, shamed, ignored, or humiliated. Sara shares her story of how her voice was shamed and silenced when she was sexually assaulted as a child and then again as a teenager. Through music, therapy, yoga, and meditation she began to heal and reclaim her voice. Over the years, Sara gained enough confidence in her voice to share it with the world. Sara shares her story of how her voice was shamed and silenced as well as how she reclaimed her voice. This podcast episode is so important and one you won’t want to miss because growing up, so many of our voices are silenced and shamed whether through trauma or just being a child and constantly being told to be quiet, be small, be invisible…

I think this is a conversation you need to hear to help you reclaim your voice and gain the confidence you need to share it with the world.

Listen to the powerful podcast interview here:

#silencedandshamed #SexualAssault #traumahealing #Trauma #reclaimingyourvoice #MentalHealthAwareness #MentalHealth #Healing


Who has had to stop working due to your CPTSD symptoms? How do you know when it's time and not just the need for a career change? #CPTSD #Trauma

I feel like I'm able to handle stress much better than years past yet I get tired and/or overwhelmed by stress easily. I can't imagine making it through a work shift no matter the type of work. I'm having a hard time excepting that fact. It's scary to admit. #traumahealing #childhoodtraumasurvivor #narcsurvivor #narcassisticparents #PTSD #Anxiety #Depression #abilitytowork


How can we be good #MentalHealth advocates?

Hey, yall! It's been a while since I could post, but I've been busy the last few weeks working on my podcast #dearmeitsyou and sharing more mental health poetry on my instagram.

I also joined #Tiktok , where you can find me at @dearmeitsyou :)

I really want to try to embrace using social media to destigmatize living with mental illnesses, but I'm left wondering about any 'best practices' that I should keep in mind... Do you have any thoughts about this topic?

#PTSD #Depression #Anxiety #CPTSD #traumahealing

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Chronic pain and complex trauma support groups?

I’m recovering from a recent physical and mental health crisis and am becoming more aware of the ways my complex trauma and fibromyalgia (recently diagnosed) relate to each other, both in terms of my trauma history becoming longer term somatic dysregulation and the ways this physical and emotional/mental dysregulation contribute to each other. I’m trying to find resources for this experience but I’m not finding much. I’m in therapy but could really use support or therapy group type of help so that I’m less isolated in my experience. I’m not always great at keeping up with online, text-only things so something with video meetings or local NYC meetings would be great. Any pointers in the right direction would be wonderful. Thank you for reading! #CPTSD #complextrauma #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #SomaticHealing #Trauma #traumahealing #supportgroup #SupportGroups

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Memory Avoidance can hurt #MentalHealth

When our brain blocks out memories, the result can be disastrous if we don't make an effort to recall and process those memories. Subconsciously, we know everything that has happened to us (that we were conscious for, anyway.) It eats at us until we address it, or let it control our behavior, and interfere with our own peace of mind. It can be really hard, and emotional, to remember, but it's so very necessary to be able to fully heal. If you are having anxiety, mood swings, depression, and other symptoms of PTSD that you can't explain by triggers, it very well could be suppressed memories that are causing them. There are different techniques used to accomplish unlocking memories. The best bet is to go to your therapist, or other mental health professional, and ask them to guide you through the process. For more from me, follow me on here, or on Instagram, or Facebook under Written by Dida, or visit #MentalHealth #memories #PTSD #Anxiety #traumahealing #CPTSD #ptsdrecovery #ChronicIllness #Spoonie #Trauma

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Deep Transformation of your Wounds

Indigenous societies through time and around the world have always been aware of the natural pathways of healing and transformation that can be accessed within nature and the deep inner self of the individual. So it is that the western shamanic movement has embraced the best practices of these cultures, both ancient and contemporary, to formulate a powerful pathway to the transformation of wounds. Shamanic healing is a powerful pathway to the transmutation of pain in combination with psychotherapy and other medical practices. #Shamanism #shamanichealing #woundhealing #traumahealing

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How does one heal while still stuck in an unhealthy, toxic environment? #toxicenvironment #traumahealing

I am intrigued by the concept of needing a healthy environment to heal. What does one do if they don't have any hope of ever getting a healthy environment? As a disabled person constantly rejected by the government and the medical system for help, I'm stuck with whoever will support me unfortunately.

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