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    When therapy is too triggering

    I'm with a fairly new therapist, whom I like so far. But CPTSD symptoms are raging. I've been in therapy for years, processed a lot, but am in a fragile spot now. Trying to move on and heal, but then I'm dragged back again in my head. To all those feelings, flashbacks, nightmares. Is there anything that helps or any suggestions? I'm going to speak with my therapist about it and maybe for now focus on something else.

    I'm scared to go just because of the whiplash. But I need to talk with someone to stay afloat. The goal is to treat my complex trauma without going into a meltdown.

    Has anyone had trouble like this? #CPTSD #PTSD #complextrauma #Trauma #Abuse #Depression #Anxiety #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Nightmares #neglect

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    Hi, I’m new

    <p>Hi, I’m new</p>
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    Chronic pain and complex trauma support groups?

    I’m recovering from a recent physical and mental health crisis and am becoming more aware of the ways my complex trauma and fibromyalgia (recently diagnosed) relate to each other, both in terms of my trauma history becoming longer term somatic dysregulation and the ways this physical and emotional/mental dysregulation contribute to each other. I’m trying to find resources for this experience but I’m not finding much. I’m in therapy but could really use support or therapy group type of help so that I’m less isolated in my experience. I’m not always great at keeping up with online, text-only things so something with video meetings or local NYC meetings would be great. Any pointers in the right direction would be wonderful. Thank you for reading! #CPTSD #complextrauma #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #SomaticHealing #Trauma #traumahealing #supportgroup #SupportGroups

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    A wish to see my trauma for what it is

    I have most likely been in survival mode my entire life without being aware of it.

    Finally, the covid-experience has lead to me understanding that I 1) suffer from trauma and 2) was kept in isolation by a single caregiver during my childhood.

    This abuser was neglectful and controlling. They were also proctective of themselves against being seen as a failed parent. I have taken on their view of me being something they need to minimize and keep at a distance.

    I do not know when or how the abuse started.

    By the same age as my abuser were, I have come to see that their behavior just doesn't make sense.

    Most likely I have made myself validate their behavior out of survival instincts because I had nowhere to go and the truth was more painful than I could grasp.

    I also had very few reference points for what people were supposed to be like.

    I have defended the abuser against me.

    I have defended the abuser against outside society questioning their behavior towards me and the consequences of abuse seen in me.

    I have seen the abuser as helpless, to protect myself from seeing that they did have the choice to not be abusive.

    I have not been able to see or hold on to the idea of me needing to escape.

    I am now self-diagnosed, as I have very bad experience with medical health professional, with c-ptsd.

    With this post I am hoping for validation for my own experience. I am not a weak, strange or evil being. I do have the ability to connect with others. I have been a child.

    #CPTSD #complextrauma #StockholmSyndrome #ChildAbuse #Isolation #EmotionalNeglect #mindcontrol

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    Hi everyone. My therapist recently gave me a little homework to help me try to re-learn how to play and let my inner child out a little. It’s strange that playing seems like such a simple concept, but it’s actually really difficult. If I sit down with some arts and crafts, I just kind of stare at all the materials because I have no idea what to draw, paint, or make. It’s like I’ve lost any and all creative sense (not that I’m a very artistic person to begin with).

    What do you do to cultivate play and creativity and let your inner child out a bit?

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    My girl🐾💜

    <p>My girl🐾💜</p>
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    I feel like I always complain... so today I'll focus on what I'm grateful for. #grateful

    <p>I feel like I always complain... so today I'll focus on what I'm grateful for. <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="grateful" href="/topic/grateful/" data-id="5b61a59cb7d78300aebb36cf" data-name="grateful" aria-label="hashtag grateful">#grateful</a> </p>
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    Can i possibly get even more insane???? Warning: Rant

    I hate having to try and explain my mental illness and how bad it has gotten. I have a fit friend that keeps saying all i need to do is excercise. Yes, excercise helps, but im in the middle of a fucking nervous breakdown with excessive stress, depression, anxiety especially social anxiety, on top of the chronic pain, hip injury, fibro etc etc. I know they sound like excuses, but she wants me to join some walking group for mental health and just the thought of walking with people makes me panic.
    People go through their own processes just to keep their head above water. I hate it when people say "excercise is all you need when you have mental health issues bla bla bla" im sorry, but its not so black and white and you are an ignorant twit to think thats all you need!!!! Sorry. Rant over.
    #Anxiety #SocialAnxiety #hatepeoplewhodontunderstand #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD #complextrauma #Fibromyaliga #ChronicPain #misunderstood

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