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Spine Cord Stimulator

I had the Nevro HF10 device implanted in September of last year. Since then, my pain flares reduced from all of the time to only every couple of weeks where they change the settings again. Their website shows nothing but good results, and the patient reviews are amazing! 90% of patients achieve significant pain relief according to the studies and I just don’t know why I’m not one of them. I’ m even doing a gofundme now for a wheelchair since I can’t afford anymore of my medical costs and this was the last treatment they could try for me. I’m in therapy to accept a daily life of pain. Has anyone else experienced this?

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#CheckInWithMe #Pain vs #MentalHealth

For the last 20 plus years I have always mostly focused on my mental health issues. I have also dealt with back pain for over 20 years as well and over the last 6 years it has gotten tremendously worse. I have been fighting my hardest lately to get better mentally as well as trying to take care of medical appointments and procedures for my physical well being. A couple days ago my back started hurting worse then normal. Usually the day after I do laundry and go grocery shopping I am in quite a lot of pain. But this time it felt worse then normal. By Thursday night I was in such excruciating pain that I could not walk, stand, sit, bend over, get out of bed, etc without crying out in pain and literally crying as well. I tried everything I could think of to get some relief but nothing helped. The pain in my lower back was excruciating and running down both legs. I suffer from #DegenerativeDiscDisease a  #Herniatedisc #spondylosis with #radiculopathy and I am not even sure what else at this point.  I have had 3 sets of epidural steroid shots, and a couple weeks ago, I had a Cluneal Nerve Block.  Yesterday morning I could not take the pain anymore and went to the Emergency Room.  I was hoping to get an x-ray and to relieve some pain, but the P.A. I had was not helpful at all, aside from giving me a shot of Torodol and telling me the pain was from the muscles in my lower back.  I know darn well that the pain I was feeling was not muscle pain. They also gave me Tylenol, and put a Lidocaine patch where the pain was the worst.  After a couple hours, and even though I was still in pain, they sent me on my way with prescriptions for Naproxen and some Steroids.  
Today I feel a bit better and I can at least move around some.  But I am popping Naproxen every 12 hours, Tylenol in between and taking the Steroids on top of all my regular medications.
My point of this whole post ( and my apologies for the lengthiness of it) is that the last few days of pain have utterly drained me mentally as well as physically. I almost feel  #depressedin a way. I have become so accustomed to waking up in pain every day that I just deal with it without thinking. And because I have not had a pain level like this in years I am kind of having a hard time taking care of the pain as well as my mental health. My mind is always racing due to my  #BipolarDisorder so I feel like I can only take care of one or the other because taking care of both my mental well being and physical well being makes me feel like my brain is on overload.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how they deal with their when they are also dealing with severe and debilitating pain?  I am used to every day pain, so I always just focused on my .  But this pain was on a whole other level and it has all thrown me for a loop.