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It's been hard

The last few weeks have been tough. I struggle with anxiety but sometimes it's focused on health anxiety. I fell ill and was on all kinds of antibiotics for 3 weeks all the while I started freaking out if I had covid and it's been sooo hard coping with the kids, I usually need some space, some quiet but having my 5 year old in my face all the time is making me anxious. I feel so bad cuz I feel too exhausted to entertain her yet j know she wants attention and she has not even been following some basic instructions I give her which is winding me up on a daily basis.
#Anxiety #PanicAttack #tired #angry #stressedoutmom #sleepdeprived


How do you be a mom, wife , employee and make sure you take care of your mental health?

I just recently started working again ,I quit my job two years ago because I couldn’t balance being a mom and working it was to hard on my mental health(i was a single mom then) I have teenagers and wonderful partner, they have their own chores to do but the teen’s are slackers (can I just call them a-holes) , it’s a fight everyday for them to do something as simple as having a shower. I find myself getting into my head a lot more when I have more on my plate. asking my self “am I doing a good job being a mom? , how can I keep my house decent that it doesn’t look like we were robbed? , and make sure I’m not overwhelming my guy with my anxieties. #Momlife #stressedoutmom #Anxiety #routineneeded

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