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How do I make a routine and stick to it?

When the kids are at School they give me a routine. They get me up and I get ready and plan my day. When the weekend or holidays come and there is no routine, I really struggle.
I have ADHD and I suspect Autism alongside chronic pain. My children are both neurodiverse.
My ADHD can get reoutines and schedules together even at the age of 43! But the Autism in me thrives more when there is a routine, I get less depressed. But I can’t create a self imposed routine as I just don’t stick to it!
Having chronic pain also means that sometimes routines and schedules have to change. Like today for example I’m in an Endometriosis flare up and I haven’t left my bed. It’s now 5pm and I’m feeling fustrated as I haven’t achieved anything (apart from writing this post). Now I feel low because I haven’t done this things I’m ‘supposed’ to, like cooking the dinner or tidying the kitchen, or even sitting at my computer and being creative...walking the dog, sigh, the list goes on as I lay here stuck in bed. I know I am capable even with the pain and fatigue of doing something that is meaningful or purposeful, but because I have ‘wasted’ the day I feel paralysed in anxiety to get myself moving. This only adds to negative thinking, the ‘you shoulds’, and the ‘I am a ......’ insert negative affirmation here!
When really I could be saying f*** it! It’s Sunday! A day of rest no less!
I could reframe my negativity and say ‘I deserve to chill in bed today, I’m tired and sore after all’.
This is true, though I’m also a single mum, that means there are’s things that must be done! Feeding us all is the main priority, is it too late to roast chicken for tea?
Routines in the holidays, how do others cope? What’s your life hacks? #Autism #routinestruggles #routineneeded #ADHD #Parenting #Anxiety #Anxiety #Aspie #adhdmum



Does anybody else rely on rigid routines and structures to manage their BPD symptoms? I have routines that help me regulate myself but if I can’t do those things then I tend to have a meltdown or it can trigger an episode. I try to explain to people why I need to do these things but a lot of people view them as negative. It can cause me problems, especially when working. However, in general, I see my routines and structure to be positive. Does anybody else use this as a coping mechanism? If so, do you have similar difficulties or a way to deal with the meltdowns that come from it?
#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Meltdown #Structure #routineneeded #coping #mechanism #managingbpd


How do you be a mom, wife , employee and make sure you take care of your mental health?

I just recently started working again ,I quit my job two years ago because I couldn’t balance being a mom and working it was to hard on my mental health(i was a single mom then) I have teenagers and wonderful partner, they have their own chores to do but the teen’s are slackers (can I just call them a-holes) , it’s a fight everyday for them to do something as simple as having a shower. I find myself getting into my head a lot more when I have more on my plate. asking my self “am I doing a good job being a mom? , how can I keep my house decent that it doesn’t look like we were robbed? , and make sure I’m not overwhelming my guy with my anxieties. #Momlife #stressedoutmom #Anxiety #routineneeded

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