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    Community Voices

    Will Begin #Therapy  Next week

    I'm nervous as here therapy is not common,though I got a chance to get once in 2 months.(because government pays therapy,It's not so many)
    We will talk what we will do in therapy.I am a bit nervous.
    I'm almost 54,(tomorrow)Depressed since 17,Got PTSD from DV at 32.I can hardly go out.
    What should I talk first from your experience? #suggestion

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    warm the pot. #suggestion #self care

    A large part of my heritage is Irish Gypsy. Like Russian Jewish origin Mixed Race in Harlem, an oppressed people within an already difficult situation can come up with the most devastatingly brilliant yet simple ways to deal with difficulties.

    Irish Gypsies make a tea. I me we go all out making tea.. Warm the tea pot, steep it for ten minutes, and so forth.

    When I was only little my Nan (Grandama aka Nana) 🗑 making tea yet again after learning of yet some new minor tragedy or difficulty.

    I must have been about ten or twelve and I could never understand how they could find out they didn't have enough for food or to buy medicine or what not and set to making tea. So finally I directly asked her. She actually had a to think about it for a while then said,
    "Well, me luv.
    Spose the thought behind it is to have somethin ta da. Keeps a soul calm an focused while ya work out how ta deal with a right bloody mess of things..
    Warm the pot now while ya me luv?'

    Reckon I will Nan...
    Reckon I just will...
    Thank ya me luv.
    After all these years I miss you still.

    I suggest in times of trouble you might all set to warming up the pot (or your own equivalent) and make the tea.

    Always worked for Nan.
    Still most often works for me.

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    Sometimes going out makes a difference

    I'm not saying that I feel 💯 percent or anything compared to before. However tonight I popped out quickly when my road was quiet just after 11pm to the postbox then 24 hour store. It continues to surprise me how professional the men at the store are.

    They are all foreigners and there's been times I've had some unwanted advances or flirting or forced conversations from men black, kurdish, polish etc that would hang around or in the shops that would put me off leaving the house most days. It's not an area with a great reputation.

    However my expectations of what will happen barely happens once I'm out. I was an anxious wreck all day today in my flat worrying about life. However simply going out for a bit just to buy something seemed to give rise to some odd feelings I didn't expect? Maybe a bit of restlessness and weird excitable thoughts but either way my worries died down a bit. I wish I could go out more. However due to agoraphobia its hard. Either way sometimes getting out of a flat or a house for a short while esp when you live in a quiet area or at quiet times when you feel safe enough does the mind a bit of good. Just an idea for people with agoraphobia. Do some of you live in nice enough areas close to parks and trails to be able to go for nightly walks 🚶🏞 or jogs? 🌃 I find that the combination of fresh air and quiet sometimes can help give perspective. It's boosted my mood a bit.
    #Agoraphobia #Night #suggestion #Inspiration #Nightowl #positive #FreshAir #PanicAttacks #Goodnight

    Community Voices

    Hey TheMighty! I know you are working so hard to create and maintain this wonderful platform of support for so many people! You are such a wonderful team, I look forward to seeing your emails in my inbox and the articles so comforting. One of the awesome features from the website that I’d love to see incorporated into the app is the ability to see “The Storie you Love” list on app version. That would make those wonderful articles easier to access and share. Thank you again for everything you do for #TheMighty #Gratitude #mightycontributors

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    #question #suggestion *depersonalization

    So today an old friend came to visit me...and unannounced would be saying it nicely. Completely out of the blue and very jarring.  It was as I was driving mid affirmations, you know per use...some ambient tunes just slightly audible as I cruise into my morning job before transitioning to full time student mode after.  But before I could even finish my "I Am Saaaa......." blam sheer terror oversomes all of my being as I am driving, mid 9 am rush hour and I am trapped as my heart races, chest tightens, airways constrict, and vision gets blurry as the walls cave in on me.  Hands tingly and numb, thoughts racing like this is it...panic and parinoia kick in to hyper gear and I am legit like fucking scared.  I manage to get to campus, clock in, and jolt to the ladies room to look in the mirror and at that moment I didnt recognize myself as the waves of this panic attack take over once again... this lasted the roller coaster of being parinoid, about to pass out, and trying to calm down for 2.5  hours.  I was able to get home and take a nap but now I am awake and thoughts are everywhere...

    How do you cope with being depersonalized in moments of panic?  Also, what remedies have you found to be quite handy to keep in the "panic attack toolbelt" besides mindfulness and breathing..because lets face it i deployed those exercises and they didnt help like at all just kind of perpetuated thoughts of "I'm dying...time to go to the hospital" or "is this finally going to pass out, see should have went to the ER" internal diaglouges...
    Thank you...and i know this will ease up however just in these moments i feel defeated and guilty. ahhh le struggle.
    Light and Love