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Really going through alot mentally and physically.

Been tested two months ago for autoimmune disease. And live in Florida. I like it some but hate the fact that I have to wait to see the doctor due to visitors and snowbirds in area occupying the appointments. I have to wait til June to see the doctor. Two months ago I started having an extreme sensitivity to the sun burns my face it hurts, also redness on my cheeks really bad. And when I don't cover my face I get really irritated even my arms get spots of like a red rash. And it only takes a few mins it hurts badly. And then when I am home after being outside I hurt all over and am miserable. Or extremely nauseous and disgusted ready to vomit easily. Whatever #AutoimmuneDisease this is it is killing me. I hurt all over and feel zapped can barely do much. Only work the schedule I have. I wanna cry and feel like #failure . #PCOS #Hypothyroidism #stomachpain #sunsensitivity #Flares

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Sensitive to sun / heat

So I've always been someone who loves summer, never complaining about heat. Plus I'm always the one who's cold lol.
But lately I could not be outside when it's sunny. I always feel overheated (no fever though). I feel nausea and eye problems/pain, but not like a full migraine. Sometimes my skin is burning (despite spf). All I want to do is hide in a dark room and wait for the body aches to be over. Also I've realized
from an app to track my migraines that they always come after sun exposure.
I see a rheumatologist due to abnormal blood levels and I can't get my TSH levels under control despite meds. But I feel like the rheum doesn't take the "sun issues" seriously because there is not a typical rash that stays for a while?
Any ideas where this is coming from or what I can do to get rid of this?

#Undiagnosed #ChronicPain #Migraine #sunsensitivity ?


Sun sensitivity & fatigue

I am thankful for the warmer weather! Summer has always been my favorite time of year... ☀️ But with lupus comes sun sensitivity.. for me it makes me terribly fatigued, my skin gets hot to touch and feels like it’s on fire, my joints stiffen and hurt, my heart pounds and races. All of this makes me just want to take a nap and I end up missing the nice weather which then makes me a bit sad! The worst of these symptoms resolve once I am out of the sun and well rested. Lupus gives me plenty of reasons to rest.... and honestly I am learning to be ok with that. Thankful my body now warns me in this way, because too much sun exposure can lead to severe flares resulting in organ damage. Been there done that not going back 😎 #Lupus #LupusNephritis #sunsensitivity #Fatigue