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Lupus #Flares

Hi, about 3 years ago, i developed bald spots on my head and after a long and exhaustive trip to the doctors they finally diagnosed it as lupus. The trigger was stress. I am in a difficult phase in life again where I am going through a stressful time and I feel very tired and stressed and sad. I feel very tired and don’t feel hungry. Im afraid this might be a lupus flare or may lead to one. How do I deal with this? How do I control my stress? How do you guys do it.

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Lupus #Flares #Antibiotic

I'm taking Antibiotic for 7 days. Coz of some infections in my feet. Now I am having fever. I also have kidney issues. Tbh, my doctor said I can still work. For the past year I've been on and off from work. My insurance got denied. Lupus sucks. How do you cope up with flares up easily? It's affecting as well my income. How you find another job that would work on your needs ? Never thought I'm gonna have this kind of autoimmune #Lupus #Kidney #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia #Grief #Anxiety #MentalHealth #Pelvicpain #Lupus #Insomnia #RaynaudsPhenomenon #Fever

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Really going through alot mentally and physically.

Been tested two months ago for autoimmune disease. And live in Florida. I like it some but hate the fact that I have to wait to see the doctor due to visitors and snowbirds in area occupying the appointments. I have to wait til June to see the doctor. Two months ago I started having an extreme sensitivity to the sun burns my face it hurts, also redness on my cheeks really bad. And when I don't cover my face I get really irritated even my arms get spots of like a red rash. And it only takes a few mins it hurts badly. And then when I am home after being outside I hurt all over and am miserable. Or extremely nauseous and disgusted ready to vomit easily. Whatever #AutoimmuneDisease this is it is killing me. I hurt all over and feel zapped can barely do much. Only work the schedule I have. I wanna cry and feel like #failure . #PCOS #Hypothyroidism #stomachpain #sunsensitivity #Flares

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Does anyone else with #RheumatoidArthritis feel foggy during a flare but not too much pain? I feel like I can't concentrate on anything.
#BrainFog #Flares

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Fibro/MS Flare; week 3 & counting.... #MS #Fibromyalgia #Flares suck #chronic Pain #check in with me #physical/Emotional Pain

So, I've been absent from the Mighty for a few weeks now because this flare I'm experiencing has put me down hard. I'm in pain from the hair on my head, to the bottom of my feet. My joints hurt, my hands keep going numb. My elbows and wrists hurt, my hands & fingers get stiff, I'm getting headaches again, & as if all of that isn't enough, my stomach keeps getting sick like I have some kind of stomach bug that likes to disappear and reappear ever 2-3 days. Throwing up while feeling everything else that I am, is a whole new kind of hell. There have been 3 whole days through all of this where I thought I was feeling better. The pain had decreased significantly, & my energy levels were better. But I kept myself from doing anything so I wouldn't rebound myself back to feeling worse, but no such luck. I would wake up the next day feeling like I got hit by a bus. My poor fiance has been doing absolutely everything for me. He cant cook but makes really good toast which is great since that's about all I've wanted to eat. He keeps on to of my medication schedule. He helps me up & down to go to the bathroom. He even keeps his sense of humor through it all to try to cheer me up as best he can. He keeps calling me beautiful, and cat calls me when hes helping me change clothes. I know Im blessed to have him, & the better he treats me & takes care of me through all of this, the worse I feel at times. I want him to be happy, & I dont want him to worry, which I know he does all the time now. I feel like I'm losing so much of myself & with my whole life of me being a caregiver, I don't know how to accept being cared for. I dont want to experience him wanting to give up on me. I don't want him to feel like I'm just a burden, & he could find someone who can give him better. Even though I do feel like a burden, & that he could do better. We've been together 8 yrs this coming January, & will be engaged for 2. We knew something was wrong with me before he asked me to marry him, & finally got my diagnosises last December. When we were told I have MS, I knew what that meant for my future and told him I would understand if he wanted to leave. But he didn't. He knew what it meant too as I had suspected I have MS for sometime, & he had done his research, unbeknownst to me. He didn't leave though. He has been more understanding than I ever knew anyone could be capable of. He's taken care of me at every turn, & I love him so much more because of all of that. But I feel like I'm losing myself, & I'm robbing him of a happy life & future. I know how pathetic I must seem. Even ungrateful because I know of so many people who don't have what I do. I am greatful. But I have a big heart & a conscience too. I don't want to lose him, but I dont want to be the cause of his unhappiness either.
This physical pain is bad, but I didn't expect the emotional pain thats come with it. I can't help the thoughts & feelings Im having. I just want to feel better.. Am I wrong?


2am thoughts

Do you ever catch yourself wishing that you’d have a flare up? It’s like an intrusive thought that pops up and I try to push it out of my mind but I feel like it’s always there.

On the surface I know that that’s the last thing I want, no one WANTS their body to go into a flare.
“It’s a ridiculous thought, why would I even think that?”

I think it’s because I’m just so tired of trying and pushing through the pain everyday. If I had a flare then I wouldn’t be expected to push through the pain. It would give me a more valid reason to lay in bed not doing anything, or just sleep all day. It would be expected of me, I have to rest to heal the flare.
Everyone around me knows my circumstances, but they don’t actively feel or understand the effort it takes to get through each day.
I’m just so tired.

#ChronicPain #BackPain #Flares #tired #Cantsleep

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I'm in a huge flare 😞 Need encouragement

I've been in a huge flare for nearly 2 months and yesterday it has put me to the point I can barely walk and stand. I've been taking pain meds and muscle relaxers and ice packs and TENS unit. When I do go to sleep, i sleep for no more than 15 minutes at a time. The pain is waking me up. I cant seem to get any rest. I'm going back to the surgeon on the December 31 to go over new MRI. Im scared I might need a fusion. I had surgery last April L3 L4 decompression, cartilage shaved and bone spurs. I have loose facet joints. I Had L4 L5 surgery several years ago. #BackPain #Flares #ChronicPain #Insomnia #PainMedication #icepacks #TENSunit #Depression #sciatica #lossoflegcontol #Bursitis #Backsurgery #exhausted #DDD