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"Emotional support animals aren't a thing."

"You don't need an emotional support dog"

"They can't tell how your feeling"

"She's just a dog, she doesn't know what you're talking about"

** Don't mind our gaping hole in the wall, its for a fireplace that is sitting next to it**

#Depression #BPD #supportdog #pringles #College

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This is my Gracie Mae #supportdog #bestfriend #myworld

About a month ago doggie Heaven got a new doggie Angel. Gracie was with me for 13 years and was 14 years old. She was my best friend, my emotional support dog, I was so lucky to have found her in the pound. She rescued me when I rescued her. I am going through so much right now and feel very empty and sad because she isn’t here for me to talk to and cuddle with at night. I know that it was her time but it sure doesn’t make it any easier at night when she isn’t right up my back. I miss her so much! I hope you have an animal that brings you as much joy as Gracie Mae did for me!

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What are your opinions on psychiatric support dogs? #supportdog #animaltherapy #mentalheathsupport

I have always drawn towards animals more than people for many reasons. I have a new diagnosis and it has been a roller coaster already of feelings. I am curious if anyone has a service dog for psychiatric support. I struggle feeling between it being a need because I do think sometimes it would be supportive and it being a want (more like an emotional support animal). I was diagnosed with bipolar (not specific of where on the spectrum yet, still very new) and have had anxiety/panic attacks along with new deep depressive episodes recently. I feel like this is a bit of a word vomit but looking just for any thoughts on this topic :) #Bipolar #Anxiety #Depression

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My motivation #supportdog #Lupus

I just wanted to show off my pup Bailey Ann she is the reason I wake up in the morning. She is def my biggest supporter and helps me through my hardest days.

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Mental health #supportdog

Just a little reminder that you can get a huge amount of love and support from doggos.♡

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After being diagnosed I was living alone attending Texas State University & working full time. My mother was so persistent I get a dog so that way I wasn’t alone and I could talk to it when I wasn’t feeling good. I was so reluctant but then I thought of the benefits. I wanted to have a dog that could help me in difficult times and a dog that will scare off a stranger. So spur of the moment I bought Bug off craigslist for $300.