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    Classroom Accommodations for Dysautonomia

    As we settle into the spring semester, here are our recommendations for classroom accommodations for dysautonomia! What accommodations have helped you?

    Classroom Accommodations for Dysautonomia: ⁠

    Priority seating ⁠

    PDF textbooks with screen reader software⁠

    Access to PowerPoint presentations ⁠

    Recordings of lectures ⁠

    Note taker⁠

    Access to seating during labs⁠

    Additional breaks/use of restroom⁠

    Eat/drink in class⁠

    Extended time on tests⁠

    Arriving late to class/leaving early⁠

    Health-related class absences ⁠

    Extensions on assignments⁠

    #Dysautonomia #POTS #VasovagalSyncope #College #Accommodations

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    "Emotional support animals aren't a thing."

    "You don't need an emotional support dog"

    "They can't tell how your feeling"

    "She's just a dog, she doesn't know what you're talking about"

    ** Don't mind our gaping hole in the wall, its for a fireplace that is sitting next to it**

    #Depression #BPD #supportdog #pringles #College

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    This is a two-parter

    How did you get your FP out of your head and out of your heart without replacing them?

    Also, for anyone in school with BPD, either past or present,did you receive any special accommodations? If so, what? I know I need them but I have no idea what.

    #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #FavoritePerson #School #College

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    Do you ever wake up….

    Do you ever wake up and know with your entire being you don’t want to be here anymore?
    I’m tired of the struggle, tired of the fight when I’m not fighting for myself, I’m fighting for those I love. They don’t deserve the pain of losing me so instead I endure the pain of living.
    I had a lil selfharm relapse last night. Truly it’s just a few very small marks. But I want to relapse again because yesterdays didn’t touch the pain. I need the pain to match.
    I have skills I’m supposed to use in times like this. But I don’t want to. I want to skip the skills and go straight to the familiar. But my therapist will be asking about selfharm tomorrow and I’m not sure I could face the shame of admitting I chose to skip the skills.
    (Side note: she does not at all cause or contribute to the shame. She is wonderful)

    I need to get up. I need to be a good dog mom and take care of my baby. I need to be a good student and finish my paper that’s due today. So much I need to do. So much I need to be. When I all I want is to simply no longer be.

    #Selfharm #Relapse #Dbtskills #DBT #Therapy #Suicide #College #CollegeMentalHealth #Depression #ADHD #Anxiety #Shame

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    My therapist is too good at her job lol

    I had a bit of a rough session on Monday and afterward I sent my theraapist a follow-up email explaining that there were some things I hadn't told her about and also that I don't really want to talk about them, I just wanted to explain that those things likely had an impack on why I reacted the way I did. But because I'm me I added at the end of my email "I really want to add that I'm fine, somehow I feel like you probably won't believe/agree with that. But like really I'm fine:) " AND THIS LADY responded with "I know you are "fine." AND it sounds like there are other feelings you have too that maybe we can talk through next session?"

    Like ma'am, why is fine IN QUOTATION MARKS?! That's just rude 😂 Has my world completely changed in the last month? Yes. Am I overwhlemed and occassionally very passively suicidal? Yes. Have I had multiple selfharm relapses recently? Also yes. But those are all totally besides the point. It's fine. I'm fine. Everything is FINE. She doesn't seem convienced tho and I'm offended (said scarstically).

    Like why do we have to go and bring emotions into the conversation? Those things can get stuffed into a box and shoved in a corner where they belong.

    #Therapy #dbttherapist #DBT #Emotions #ImFine #SuicidalIdeation #Selfharm #relaspe #College #almostfinals #itsokaytonotbeokay #butnotmetho #Depression #Anxiety #ADHD


    Screaming into the void

    Sometimes I convience myself that I'm exaggerating my issues and am in fact mentally stable. And then days like today happen and the overwhleming desire to hural myself off a cliff tells me that maybe I'm not so stable after all.

    I hate knowing I'm catastrophizing and yet I'm not able to calm or change the emotions around them. I have a final exam today in a class I might fail if I don't do well on this exam and I'm So. Freaking. Stressed. I have studied for hours but there is just so much they told us to "make sure we know it could show up on the exam" and I'm overwhlemed by it all.

    It doesn't help that 3 weeks ago my dad died and I missed 2 weeks of school a month before the end of the semester. I'm exhusted by how much I've had to work and yet I've barely touched the mountian of things I need to do. I'm tired of feeling like I'm doing everything I can and it's still not enough, it will never be enough. I want out. Not just out of college, out of the pressure, I want out of life. But I can't do that to my family. They don't desreve the pain of loosing my dad and me.

    I was freaking out earilier and texting a friend, and I had to catch myself with the dark humor stuff I was saying because I didn't want to worry her - though I might have anyway. I don't know what to do in those moments when I feel the weight of the world crashing down and I so genuinely want nothing more then to admit defeat and take an entire bottle of pills but know that I can't. I'm not even sure what to call that; active passive suicidality, maybe? It's not quite being actively suicidal because I didn't have a plan to do anything. I just desperately wished I did.

    #Depression #Grief #Suicide #Anxiety #SuicidalIdeation #College #finalsstress #ADHD


    Starting college with POTS

    I started college ! It's been really stressful but today I figured everything out access-wise. Someone decided it was a good idea to put all the accessible bathrooms on the boys floors 🙄 and I ended up in the only rez hall without AC 🤦luckily I talked to access services and they had my back ☺️ #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #Dysautonomia #College

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