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    My friend! #Dogs #EmotionalSupportAnimal

    Here’s my Piper! She makes me smile & laugh every single day!🐾 #bestfriend #Emotionalsupport #ForTheLoveOfDogs #ChronicIllness

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    I wish I could say something positive

    I wish I could say I am writing this to share memories, goals, or accomplishments, but I'm not. I'm writing this because I have had it. I feel like every day I wake up and I'm not enough. I lost my best friend, hope, sanity, and worst of all myself. I'm drowning. The things they say to me are unbearable. I have so much going for me. I am achieving a lifelong dream of mine. I met someone who makes me feel whole. These thoughts though...are too much. I may be gone by the time anyone sees this...#EatingDisorders #Bullying #Suicide #Depression #bestfriend

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    Am I a bad friend

    I have a really good guy friend I love dearly, but recently his girlfriend has been saying he and I are too close. I love both of my friends I have known them for a long time. Every one of our other friends has said to me that our friendship is perfectly normal so who's in the wrong? I just feel stressed because the other day he was walking next to me and she said don't stand so close to her god and pushed us apart. She keeps saying we're in the wrong. All he has to do is touch me accidentally or look at me for too long and she flips out. She won't listen to me.

    #bestfriend #stressed #Love

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    This is my Gracie Mae #supportdog #bestfriend #myworld

    About a month ago doggie Heaven got a new doggie Angel. Gracie was with me for 13 years and was 14 years old. She was my best friend, my emotional support dog, I was so lucky to have found her in the pound. She rescued me when I rescued her. I am going through so much right now and feel very empty and sad because she isn’t here for me to talk to and cuddle with at night. I know that it was her time but it sure doesn’t make it any easier at night when she isn’t right up my back. I miss her so much! I hope you have an animal that brings you as much joy as Gracie Mae did for me!

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    Dixie's Birthday 🥳

    She's 9! 💕 She is the reason why I get out of bed everyday...

    #Happiness #bestfriend #MentalHealth

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    I've made a new amazing friend and I'm over the moon

    She has pushed me to my limits and this day was the most beautiful, we got out the house together went on a long drive and saw a cute little waterfall. We are both called Chloe and have a huge love for cats and alot of things actually, it sound like I'm girl crushing hard here but I can honestly say she has been my rock having her support has been amazing for me. Her go get attitude while battling her own struggles gives me a huge reason to get up in the morning and show her I can do this!

    I hope you all have a special friend like I do because they are hard to come by but when you've got one as good as this you know it'll be friendship for life 💖

    Share your best friend stories with me im excited to hear them

    #bestfriend #MentalHealth #AutismAwareness #Bipolar2Disorder #BipolarDisorder #AlwaysLoyal #friend #stories #MyCondition

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    I'm so #excited

    In exactly one week, I get to see my #bestfriend !!! May 24th is national pansexual/romantic awareness and visibility day! I can't wait! We're going to have a picnic and run at geese!!

    💗💛💙 💙💚🧡💗 🏳️‍🌈🦆👯

    #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #pansexual #panromantic #Depression #Anxiety #lovewins

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    Probably the best ESA ever #esa #dog #bestfriend

    This little guy helps me handle life every single day ❤️


    So thankful for my best friend

    I'm thankful for Jenn. She is exactly the person described here in this article about allowing me to be authentic in my struggle. I don't have to smile and I can cuss. I can tell her what I think of the Western Christian World, and it doesn't have to be religious or nice. I can still believe in God despite my struggle with the church. I can show pain and other symptoms without feeling like I'm trying to get attention for something that no one else knows what to do about. I love you, Jenn. Thank you for being you. #grateful #jenn #bestfriend