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Pleurisy and Animal Empathy

I know I keep making posts about my Loki, but you guys have no idea how much this kitten is helping me.

I’ve been diagnosed with Pleurisy again - the last time I had it was March 2021 and it was so severe I was hospitalised multiple times and the lower part of my right lung had collapsed. The pain was so bad, I was praying for something to kill me. It was truly agony. I couldn’t speak, because I was gasping for breath even when I was sat doing nothing. When the doctors asked me to tell them what had happened during that day, I could barely get more than two words out without sobbing and gasping for breath like I was slowly drowning. It was hell.

Thankfully, during the middle of last week I started to notice the early signs and was able to see my GP immediately, and get started on antibiotics and my inhalers. Which has helped massively but I’m still struggling to breathe and getting quite out of breath when I do basically nothing but rest.

Since I’m basically on bed rest and I’m in pain (more than usual), my mental health has been a bit rocky and been going downhill a bit. But Loki has been with me the whole time. He’s been curled up with me, or sitting/lying on my belly (and sometimes shoulder) and watching TV with me. And at night? He crawls under the covers and either curls up against my belly, or falls asleep on my pillow, at the back of my head with his head resting on mine.

He melts my heart and I’m so lucky to have him. Don’t ever tell me that cats don’t know or understand how we feel, or that they don’t care.

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This is Sophie, who really loves her catnip pillow and stuffed bird! She is a great cuddle buddy!! #MightyPets #Cats #animaltherapy #EmotionalSupportAnimals

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Got to visit my happy place @brookfieldzoo yesterday with my dear friend. Animals are therapy to me. Just being in their presence and seeing how miraculous they are is humbling. Bonus: The sloth was awake for half a second. #animaltherapy #brookfieldzoo #zoo

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What are your opinions on psychiatric support dogs? #supportdog #animaltherapy #mentalheathsupport

I have always drawn towards animals more than people for many reasons. I have a new diagnosis and it has been a roller coaster already of feelings. I am curious if anyone has a service dog for psychiatric support. I struggle feeling between it being a need because I do think sometimes it would be supportive and it being a want (more like an emotional support animal). I was diagnosed with bipolar (not specific of where on the spectrum yet, still very new) and have had anxiety/panic attacks along with new deep depressive episodes recently. I feel like this is a bit of a word vomit but looking just for any thoughts on this topic :) #Bipolar #Anxiety #Depression

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Welcoming Nell 💛 breed guesses anyone 😂?

Only had a few weeks, grown a lot since then! She’s only 5 months old, already 13kg they said she’s be that fully grown 😂 she’s very vocal and loves to play. Very shy of people but an angel 💛 getting more confident by the day 💛
#dog #Pets #themightypets #Anxiety #Rescue #Depression #animaltherapy

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Just spreading animal cuteness. Meet Badger. Share a pic😻🐴

This is a family member's Aussie Shepard. Here he was hiding under the bed when I was dog sitting because he didn't want to sleep by himself. I love his smile and loyalty. The next morning he woke me up at 5 am to bark at the cows!😂

#smalljoys #pettherapy #animaltherapy #BPD #Depression #StrongerTogether #funny

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Animal Therapy

Just a thought post on animal therapy and how therapeutic this little guy is for me! I got him during my lowest and although an animal cannot give you everything you want or lack in life, they will always offer cuddles and they will never leave. The sphynx breed in particular was the best option for me. This is because I hate being alone, but I also hate being around people sometimes and tend to isolate. The sphynx breed is the most affectionate and social breed of cat and they each have a very unique personality. This little guy has SO much love to show me every day. He follows my every move, whenever I talk to him he talks back (in cat, of course😅). I also hated sleeping alone and i didn’t have that problem since he came into my life. As soon as i say bedtime he runs in my bed and cuddles on my chest until we fall asleep cheek to cheek. He is my emotional support, my best friend, my therapy. ❤️ (he looks grumpy, but he just hates pics🤭) #TherapyAnimal #Therapy #Cat #therapycat #Emotionalsupport #bestfriend #animaltherapy