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intellectual disability,

So people who have intellectual disability, Do you think have a mind of a child? Or people might think so and trat you like that? Sometimes i feel like that. That im just not smart has everybody else. Sometimes i think i act and appear to be how people think i people are with this dislitibaty. #LearningDisability #IntellectualDisability #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression

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Good Morning And Happy Sunday!!

<p>Good Morning And Happy Sunday!!</p>
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Just let it go.

This kind of always bothered me, In my youngerdays #MentalHealth wasn't something really talked about. It was like a shame thing i feel. Anyways In church i had a friend who struggled with her mental health. She never finshed school due to #Anxiety I kind of feel bad for thinking this at the time. I always thought that was a excues for not going. Cuz i found school hard with a #LearningDisability and made it threw. I just didn't get it? Didn't really know how to support it. She became very depressed and gained weight. Im not sure if she ever get her GED. I'M not even sure if there is more to rhe store beside having #Anxiety for not going to school. I mean at that time you could of done school online or other whys.

I guess my point is i understand more about mental health now then i did back then. It just kind of bothers me if a person is at you about not finding a good job. When they didn't finsh school? I don't know why this always bothered me. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression

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Good morning on this Wild Wacky Wednesday!

<p>Good morning on this Wild Wacky Wednesday!</p>
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Community Voices

Good morning, have a blessed day.#TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression

Yesterday was kind of a MEH day at the group home. With it being so beautiful outside. I honestly don't like being stuck inside. All i did was baked and did a craft. hich was a little boring to me. I rather be out and do stuff. Sometimes It seems now im "forced" or have no chocie. Or sometimes i wonder if maybe next year i should use my passport money for something different? It's not that i don't like this person, I just miss my other worker. I know sometimes it's good to be around different ones. I wonder if maybw the person is working during the week or moved on to a different job? Same with another worker they could of left to another place to. Or just not been working weekends. They also must really be short staffed.

I don't know, sometimes i feel like i don't really belong or fit into the day program . I feel to normal., for better word to use i feel kind of out of place. I hate being treated special and talked down to. I just wanna be normal like other people. I just sometimes feel a person who has a #LearningDisability gets treated treated different. My mother never treated me like that. She made me feel smart and treated me like a normal person growing up. I almost feel like for people who have any time of #LearningDisability you are looked down and seen like a child? I can't speak for every person. But maybe someone feels the same?

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Good morning friends! Happy Tuesday!

<p>Good morning friends! Happy Tuesday!</p>
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Nicole Payne

Feeling Seen After Being Diagnosed With a Learning Disability

Sometimes there are multiple blessings where it seems like there are none. I remember when I heard the struggles my aunt Fanny faced, my heart just about broke. There were people who told my grandma Mary that Fanny was a “curse from God.” People in the church told Mary that Fanny was “punishment” for the things my grandma had done in her life. However, no child — whether they have a disability or not — is a “punishment” or “curse from God.” What those people saw as a “curse” actually turned out to be a blessing. Fanny was born before the Civil Rights Act. She didn’t get enough oxygen when she was born, so she ended up with a disability. Back then, the world was cruel to people with disabilities. Fanny was constantly picked on — to the point where she didn’t want to go to school or to church. In fact, the schools in Oregon didn’t even accept children with disabilities at that time. My grandma didn’t give up fighting for her daughter, though. She worked through the challenges Fanny faced and made happen whatever the doctors said would never happen. People often struggle with what is different from them. What I have never understood is why some people feel like they have to be cruel about others’ differences. People with disabilities often want good, happy lives — just like everyone else. People with disabilities may have struggles that other people don’t have, but they’re human . There was hope for Fanny. There was a senator in the state where she lived who had a son with a disability similar to Fanny’s. This senator wanted to make a difference for those like her son and Fanny. The year I was born, Senator Barbara Roberts worked on passing a bill that allowed children with disabilities to go to public schools in Oregon . Senator Roberts was passionate about education and advocating for people with disabilities. She was so passionate that she made a career out of politics and became the 34th governor of Oregon , changing the lives of many people with disabilities. Governor Roberts found out about my aunt Fanny and invited my grandma Mary and her husband to her home to share her idea of creating a space to help people like Fanny. This new building would offer a home, a job, education, and community for those like Fanny. This was the blessing Fanny was to become a part of. She lived a long life and got to see the ADA come into existence in 1990. But this wasn’t the only blessing Fanny was part of. By the time I reached high school, my mom started to really see that something was different about my learning process but couldn’t quite figure out what it was. Testing showed that as a freshman in high school, I was testing at the level of a freshman in college, but I still struggled. I would always hear, “Nicole is so smart, but…” My mom found a place that did testing for learning disabilities . We went in, and I took the test, which is when I found out I had a processing disorder. My mom found my learning disability, but my mom wouldn’t have known what to look for if it wasn’t for aunt Fanny. You see, my mom watched my grandma work with Fanny. She watched the struggle my grandma Mary and aunt Fanny went through. It gave her an awareness she would not have had otherwise. I found this out later in life. My unseen disability was made visible because of Aunt Fanny. She brought my disability into the light so I could get the help I needed. Many times, we do not realize that our struggles in life can be gifts to others who struggle like we do. We often have the opportunity to give hope where there seems to be no hope. So those who tried to make my aunt out to be a “punishment” to the world, missed that she was a blessing, a gift to this world. But most importantly, Fanny was a gift to me.

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What are your tips for creating a sensory-friendly home?

<p>What are your tips for creating a sensory-friendly home?</p>
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When and how did you know your child may be living with ADHD?

<p>When and how did you know your child may be living with ADHD?</p>
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