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Anxiety/Stress Relief through Coloring/Music

This is my first post so please forgive me if I am not doing this right or not explaining as concise as I should. I’ve struggled with panic attacks and overwhelming stress from the moment my daughter was born and immediately trached, to 9 days old and got a feeding tube in her belly, and all the many other surgeries she has gone through in her 4.5yrs of life. She isn’t done and most of the surgeries are out of state because she is a rare case.
My sister did a simple thing, she sent me a stress relieving coloring book and some pencils. It was a simple task but it made a big difference. Being alone with my baby girl for 4 months (she was 12mo at the time) would have been harder for me to handle if I didn’t have a way to take my mind off of the stress. Listening to music and coloring works much better for me than tv and movies plus I didn’t have my hands free to munch so I didn’t stress eat while I colored. I have been on several long trips like the first one and I bring my coloring book with me. It doesn’t help as much for me when I am home with my husband and two kids but during the months away with my daughter, it has made a huge difference. I like fine tip markers better than pencils but that’s just me. I am sure this won’t help everyone but I hope it helps someone. #AdultColoringBooks #stressrelief #ParentsOfChildrenWithSpecialNeeds #ArtTherapy #specialneedsmom #TrachMom #tubiemom #ChildrensCraniofacialAssociation #CraniofacialDifferences


Newbie mom on here

#newmom I'm not a new mom, I've got 3 boys , between the ages 4 yrs, 6yrs and 8 yrs old.. all of them have #Disabilities one has my middle son #cerebalpalsy #Gtube #tubiemom my older son has #ADHD #ADD #Deafness my youngest son has #heartcondion #bavd so I just wanna say to mom's out there I know the struggles of hospitals, doctors and so much more!! Feel free to follow me!! Thanks