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    Are there any scrapbookers here?

    My dear sweet mom and I used to scrapbook from 2003 til she became extremely ill in 2015 and passed away. I miss her greatly and really miss the friends we made during that time. Scrapbooking provided me with a very creative outlet for the extreme stress that I was under in my Information Technology career! #scrapbooking #stressrelief #Photography #BipolarDisorder #creativeoutlet

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    Rising Hope #stressrelief #Depression #Anxiety

    Nature heals and and if you can try to get outside and if you can't make it that far, maybe the sunlight through a window.

    #sunlight #Healing #MentalHealth

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    Busy Week Ahead

    This week will be an extremely busy for me personally.

    My organization has been planning a major youth entrepreneur event for months before the pandemic hit, causing us to postpone our event for over a year. Our event is finally taking place this Saturday and we are in full preparation and promotional mode. However, because of the pandemic, we’ve experienced some unique and difficult challenges which has caused a lot of stress on me and my colleagues.

    This is just one of many things on my plate. I do summer homeschooling with 3 kids, run a blog and serve as a contributor and moderator for a couple of communities. I’m also in the final stages of writing my first children’s book.

    But this time, I am changing the game plan…

    Instead of being superwoman and doing it all, this week I have implemented the PURE stress management method and decided to focus on making this youth entrepreneur event successful.

    PURE stands for:

    – Pause what you’re doing

    – Use your stress management strategies

    – Regain your composure

    – Establish a new game plan to help relieve the stress in your situation

    For me, this means putting my blogging and book-writing projects on hold. It also means delegating my tasks to others in the household and just saying no to things and opportunities that I can’t do.

    This will help me not get so overwhelmed and will have some extra time to rest when I can.

    Prioritize your health first so you can be able to focus on the things that matter to you. And as my good friend always says:

    You cannot pour from an empty cup.

    #Anxiety #stressrelief #ChronicIllness #DiabetesType2

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    Where Do You Draw Your Strength?

    When you’re fearful, anxious, feeling defeated, where do you get your strength? What helps you move forward? #stressrelief #Depression #relax #Nofear #fearless

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    Music is vital medicine

    Music has always been my comfort. It may change, but I can always stay with any artist or song since music never dies. I love so many different types of music.
    Right now my saving grace is What Makes You Country by Luke Bryan.
    #Music #stressrelief #artist #focus #Calming #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Paranoia #BipolarDisorder #Insomnia

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    The best anti-depressant...🐕🐱🐀🐇🐭🦔🦜🐢🦎🐍🐠

    in my humble opinion, the best anti-depressant is the love of a pet. The laughter, cuddling, excuses to get outdoors. Right now as I type this my pup Pheobe is in my sweater because AC makes her cold😂🤣 🤭🐕 Isn't that just adorable? Makes me smile everytime. My pets have really helped me. So if you don't alrdy have a pet why not go and adopt? Give an animal a second chance at love. A forever home. 💜 I alrdy have 3. I would love another cat (eslecially a hairless) or a hamster or parrot I can teach to mock people. Or a really cool snake! Or tarantula that I can freak my dad out with 🤣 As you can see I lovvvveee animals. But Wallys a party pooper. Apparently getting 1 more is "collecting" even though we have room lol

    #Anxiety #Depression #Epilepsy #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #schizoafschizoaffectivedisorder
    #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #MakeMeLaugh #MightyPets #stressrelief


    How to deal with stress in the work place? #Stress #stressrelief

    I work in a fast pace work place with a lot of stressers. I need a good practice for coping with frustrations.

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    #Yoga #relax #stressrelief

    Savasana is a great pose to relax and refresh!