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So, 6 days ago I made a little vent about having stomach issues. Well, whatever it is going strong still. I am able to eat a few things + drink water, but there still seems to be consequences from doing so. Kind of a bummer but it be what it be, I guess.
I was supposed to get whatever it is checked out / diagnosed 2 years ago but there was some insurance issues and we had to put it on hold, but hopefully with my upcoming doctor's appointment we'll see if we can get me back in to a gastroenterologist. 🤷🏻‍♀️

#tummytroubles #FlareUps

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Birthday trouble ☹️

This is the first birthday with my diagnosis of Gastroparesis and other tummy issues. I really want to celebrate myself for a day, but I’m finding it difficult without food. What do other people with Gastroparesis do on their birthday? Foods? Activities? Anything would be greatly appreciated💕 #Gastroparesis #tummytroubles

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Sorry, I kinda want to vent...

Today I met on video with Stanford health to address my stomach issues and to see what could be done. I had originally been diagnosed by my GI doctor with Gastroparesis. Today I was informed that the test they did to reach this conclusion was not fully accurate, and that I may not even have Gastroparesis, but something to do with my nervous system. To get a more accurate diagnosis, I will need drive several hours down to Stanford to do a four hour test, and an x-ray, and do an in person appointment because she couldn’t even check certain things through our online appointment.
I’m not really sure how to feel about all this. On one hand, I got to talk to a professional about my symptoms. On the other hand, she basically swiped the floor out from under my feet! Just as I was getting used to the idea of having Gastroparesis, and what that included (symptoms, diet, routine, I just found this app so I could have a community to talk to about living with Gastroparesis) the doctor tells me I might have something different! Now what am I supposed to do?! (She did suggest doing Tai Chi though, which I’m excited to try out because I haven’t been able to do yoga.) #Gastroparesis #gastroparesissucks #tummytroubles

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Today was a good day! 🥳🏆🏅

This morning started off rough, but I got to go out today. I also was blessed to be able to change my school schedule to better fit my needs this semester and I felt well enough to actually watch a few movies with friends and my wonderful fiancee. So today was a win filled with smiles and laughter! #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #ChronicPain #tummytroubles #spooniewarrior

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Do You Also have stomach issues with M.E.? #ME #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #tummytroubles

I’ve had stomach-issues since I turned 20 (being 33 now)and it sort of predated this Fatigue and pain issues I’ve had for a number of years now... and I’ve had stomach issues on and off for over a decade now.
However.. I have noticed an increase in REALLY bad days with gut-pain and diarrea... and I am prone to small (and Big) foodpoisonings from nothing really..
...and it doesn’t Seem to matter what I eat.one Day I Can eat one type of food and I am fine, later in The week if I eat the same type of food - my body reacts as if I’d eaten poison...
Also wondering if I’m getting sensitive to vitami


I'm awesome. I don't feel very good right now, but that doesn't touch my awesomeness. I actually cooked dinner tonight and it was REALLY good. So, yeah. I'm awesome.
#MultipleSclerosis #Syringohydromyelia #tummytroubles


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