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Morning Visitor

We were up really early and this little guy was at first on our patio and then in the grasses nearby. It was taken through the window, so probably would have been a better picture if not. Still amazing to see.#Photography #Disability # IBDsurgery #ulcerative Colitis #Crohn 'sDisease #Depression #Anxiety #RheumatoidArthritis#ComplexPTSD #ComplexPTSD #Grief#ChronicIllness #MightyTogether

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Questioned about jumping job to job

Has anyone else been asked about jumping from job to job due to their medical health. No one seems to know my story and I feel afraid to tell them about my history. I really don’t know what to say # mental health #Anxiety #ulcerative colitis


#CrohnsDisease #ulcerative colitis

ts early March I walk into my consulting gastroenterologist exhibiting symptoms of a major#crohns #colitis flare-up, how can this be happening and i just got my 3rd infusion of infliximab nobody even the doc gets why this is happening so she decides to send me for a 2nd opinion at one of our 'finest' institutions AKUN (aga khan hospital) seems like a very good thought at the moments and I even applaud her for making the bold step.. Without wasting time am at agha khan and the lead gastroenterologist there sees me listens to my case and even mentions my consulting had already reached out to him about my case.this rises my hopes really high and when he mentions admission no objection is raised. Blood work is done which show immunosuppression on a very high level which is expected seeing that am on very high doses of immunosuppressant n chemo.
Day 2 doc comes in with his treatment plan where he leaves my eye brows raised, he says we need to up the dose of infliximab in something called a rescue infliximab where you receive a double dose of the chemo drug, there am like okay wow! Even before am done digesting that surgical team walks in and says after discussing with the doctor we need t do a colectomy as it the only cure of ulcerative colitis but up to this point no endoscopy/ colonoscopy at least asses what is the extent of damage in this colon we need to remove. Day 3 & 4 another 2 surgical teams come with the same story yet nobody has checked the extent of damage. Blood work shows I cannot even survive a simple cut. Platelets at lows of 15.i walk out of  same way I came in and even worse seeing symptoms have worsened
Onto May, 2 months later I walk into Manipal Hospital New Delhi this time symptoms are just bad, I see the general surgeon, in my mind am like in less than 2 days I will be colon less as he is also of the colectomy opinion but first he recommends I see dr.amit whose 1st course of plan is endoscopy and colonoscopy and the results are amazing. Colon is healing well so symptoms are just an imbalance of drugs.during endoscopy tables turn internal bleeding leads to cardiac arrest n nigga flat lines for 2 mins but thanks to the team am back.#UC #crohns